All My Thoughts On MILLI ROSE.


& Everything You Need To Know About The Brand.

I love nothing more than experimenting with a fun, new makeup look. My style has definitely evolved over the years (I cringe every time I see old photos with my super-thin eyebrows!) and I've started to move away from just using neutrals to trying a broader range of colors.

Even though I am trying out new products and color palettes, I always find myself going back to the same 2 or 3 brands I've been using since I was a teen. My motto is if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Since we've all been working from home recently, my friends and I have been having a virtual happy hour every Friday night. It really gets me through the week, and it's a great excuse to put some makeup on, and take my hair down from the messy bun I've been rocking constantly.

A few weeks ago, we were all chatting about how our weeks went when my friend Anna told us she had ordered from a new makeup brand she'd seen her favorite bloggers raving about, MILLI ROSE. Her makeup looked amazing, and she showed us the palette she used to create her look. The packaging was gorgeous, and the colors were the perfect mix of bold and subtle.

"MILLI ROSE makeup is designed to be used by makeup newbies, as well as total pros." She told us all we had to check it out, but I'm a little wary of ordering makeup online without seeing it first, so I pressed my bestie for all the deets. Here's all you need to know:

What kinds of products do they have?

Their palettes are insane. The Bloom Palette Heat has all of the earthy tones you could want, as well as a touch of pink sparkle. If you like a little more color, the Rose and Violaceous palettes are perfect. All of the eyeshadow formulas are buildable and blendable, so you can go as subtle or dramatic as you want.

They also have a mascara, a range of pink and nude lipsticks, lip shines, and lip suedes, and an iconic brush set. Everything you need!

What do you love most about MILLI ROSE?

With most other makeup brands, I find that I'll use like 2 or 3 of the neutral colors constantly, and the other glittery, bright ones end up going to waste. With MILLI ROSE, the range of colors you get that you'll actually use is amazing. The shades are meant to be used for all occasions, so they complement each other perfectly. Each of the palette's hues pairs together flawlessly and is designed to be layered if you want a more intense color.

Each palette has such a broad range of colors that can take you from day to night. The eyeshadow pallets also have matching lipsticks, so it's easy to know what lip to choose to finish off your look. They're not overly matchy-matchy but designed to complement the colors of the eyeshadows perfectly.

Will these colors work on my sensitive skin?

Everything's tested by dermatologists and made with nourishing ingredients, so you don't have to worry about any irritation. Nothing is tested on animals. Plus, MILLI ROSE is designed to work for all skin tones!

What else do you love?

The packaging is so stunning. It's light, colorful, and feminine. All of the colors are pastel with touches of metallic - so pretty!

Plus, everything is super affordable. The 9 shadow palettes start from $32, and the Lip Kits, containing 3 lipsticks, start at $40. That's less than I was paying for my go-to drugstore lipstick!

I took my bestie's advice and ordered some MILLI ROSE products, and I'm so glad I did. I'm starting with the Modern Nudes Palette and matching lip colors, and I'm having so much fun trying everything out. Plus, having everything delivered right to my door means I get to try out new products without having to leave my home!

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