The 6 Most Dangerous Foods in the World

Do you want to eat the world's deadliest dishes?

If you're an adventurous eater, you're probably always seeking your next culinary conquest. But while it might be impressive to eat the spiciest pepper or the fattest burrito, nothing tops deadly cuisines. The peak of foodie bragging rights, eating deadly foods offer tastes and experiences you've never had before...and if you're unlucky, might never have again.

Fugu (Pufferfish)

The 6 Most Dangerous Foods in the World

Easily the most famous deadly cuisine, fugu, or pufferfish, is illegal in many parts of the world outside of Japan. In Japan, top sushi chefs are trained for two years solely in the art of cutting fugu before they're ever allowed to serve it. Even still, roughly five people die every year from eating the incredibly poisonous fish, said to be 1,200 times more toxic than cyanide.

Giant Namibian Bullfrog

The 6 Most Dangerous Foods in the World

Considered a delicacy in Southwestern Africa, the giant Namibian bullfrog is eaten in its entirety. The timing is essential though, as bullfrogs eaten at the wrong time of mating season (before the "third rain" of the Namibian meteorological cycle) will have increased toxicity in their skin and organs. When consumed, this can cause kidney failure, burning urine, and death.

Blood Clams

The 6 Most Dangerous Foods in the World

A rare type of clam found in the Gulf of Mexico and parts of China, blood clams are said to possess a unique, succulent flavor. Their natural habitat is in lower oxygen environments, causing them to filter more water than other mollusks, meaning they're exposed to more viruses and bacteria. Blood clams have been linked to outbreaks of typhoid, hepatitis A, and dysentery.


The 6 Most Dangerous Foods in the World

An icelandic dish notoriously loathed by Anthony Bourdain and Gordon Ramsay, Hákarl is literally rancid shark meat. Specifically made from Greenland sharks, which don't have urinary tracts, preparation involves fermenting the meat for over six months. This renders harmless the toxins and waste that have seeped into the shark's body throughout its life.


The 6 Most Dangerous Foods in the World

Often translated as "baby octopus," san-nakji is actually just a smaller species of octopus. For this dish, the octopus is killed and cut up shortly before serving, resulting in its tentacles continuing to move posthumously due to its complex nervous system. Unlike many of the other entries on this list, san-nakji isn't poisonous. Rather, the danger comes from it's functioning suction cups, which can latch onto your throat and choke you on the way down.

Casu Marzu

The 6 Most Dangerous Foods in the World

A Sardinian tradition, casu marzu is rotten cheese filled with maggots and larvae during the aging process. The dish is banned across the European Union, likely because the insects can survive being swallowed, allowing them to thrive in your intestines. But you want to eat the dish while the maggots are still alive because if they're dead, that means the cheese has gone bad.

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Do Non-Melatonin Sleep Aids Really Work?

Objective makes a chocolate square.

I Can't Sleep.

I truly cannot remember the last time I had a good night's rest. Even before the stay-at-home orders, I was just a little ball of nerves.

But lately, it's been awful. I toss and turn, it's always too hot or even too cold, sometimes I make myself tea and read for a bit, but when I'm still up at 1 a.m., I reach for my phone and then I'm up until 3. My sister and I have a weekly call, and our small talk about our exhaustion turned into an hour long conversation about sleep.

I Thought I'd Tried Everything. Even Melatonin.

My sister asked why I hadn't gone for the old staple, melatonin and I reminded her about the time we traveled abroad, and it gave me the weirdest nightmares (the horrible kind where you wake up in your dream and you're still in a dream). Chamomile tea didn't work, nothing worked.

She said she had a friend who swore by something I definitely hadn't heard of.

They Were NOT Pills, Teas or Anything I'd Seen Before.

A company called Objective makes Fast Asleep, a sleep solution delivered as chocolatey treats. They're created with saffron and GABA. If going to sleep was as easy as eating a piece of these chocolatey, minty delights every night, I'd be sold.

What Exactly Was In It?

Cocoa contains caffeine, so I didn't know how this would help me sleep. After talking with my sister, I went online and saw that the calming, sleep-supporting ingredients cancel out any of the very little caffeine content.

Saffron, the spice, is apparently known to help with staying asleep, and their GABA is a fermented version of the neurotransmitter that's known to help you relax and fall asleep faster. In a study, 100% of customers saw improvement in their sleep quality thanks to saffron. One hundred percent!

Do I Try It?

A bag of 30 pieces was only $40, and they had a money-back guarantee.

They're keto-friendly and only 30 calories a piece, so not too decadent before bedtime.

They were chocolatey-minty, which is my favorite flavor, so I was sold. I ordered a bag to try.

The First Night, I Wasn't Impressed.

I took one piece (super yummy!) - 30-60 minutes before bedtime is recommended - but when I climbed in, I didn't notice a difference. I was worried I'd wasted my money.

However, once I fell asleep, I stayed asleep until my alarm went off, which hasn't always been the case for me.

I checked the site again, and noticed that many people didn't notice a real difference until the third or fourth night - it builds up in your system over time, so I decided to keep an open mind the rest of the week.

The Second Night Was Completely Different

Without doing anything differently from the first night, my second night was amazing. I felt calm and sleepy as I was getting ready for bed, and once I hit the pillow, I was out the whole night.

It had to be these sweet treats. The next day, I even felt more balanced and relaxed - Fast Asleep helps boost serotonin levels and reduce cortisol (the stress hormone), and I definitely noticed a difference in my overall mood and alertness.

I Already Ordered More.

Just In Case! There's nothing habit-forming about this product, so it's completely safe to take every night, and I honestly always want to keep it in the house. I'd also love to offer it to anyone staying over in the guest room, whenever we have guests again.

Now that I'm getting a healthy 8 hours of sleep every night, I feel more equipped during the day to tackle the things I need to do and deal with some of my daytime stressors. I finally had the energy to clean the kitchen, which had been bothering me so much for the past few weeks.

With Objective's Fast Asleep, I get real sleep and balance my levels, so I don't have to feel tired during my waking hours. Sleep in the form of chocolate squares sounds so weird, but oh my goodness, do they work.

Our partners at Objective Wellness are currently offering a 25% discount if you use the coupon code STAYHOME. Check them out here!

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The Best Apps for Craft Beer Delivery

Try beers from all over the world–from your phone.

With breweries and distilleries out of business for the foreseeable future, your favorite beer may feel particularly out of reach this time of year, especially with the weather changing. But don't let quarantine suck all the fun out of summer. Luckily, thanks to technology, a lot of craft beer is now deliverable straight to your door step. Here are a few of the best apps to help make sure you stay up to date on the latest trendy brews.



Simplistic and elegant, Tavour allows users to easily fill up a box of beer over a period of time before shipping. The app offers more than 650 different breweries both local and national and is perfect for those who like to experiment. It's easy to use, and their menu rotates regularly so you and your beer never grow stale.



TapRM offers a wide range of both craft beers and hard seltzers. While based almost exclusively in New York City, the app offers fast, same day delivery from some of the best beer brands in the world. They also provide a unique selection of beers to help you find your new favorite. All you need to do is download the app and place your order!


Offering a stark variety of craft beer, Drizly allows its users to mix and match 12-packs, sixers or by the bottle. Their guarantee is that they can have whatever you order delivered to your house in less than an hour. You can even schedule your delivery for a specific time, with each delivery taking around 20-40 minutes.


Saucey takes delivery very seriously. When you order with them they guarantee that they'll deliver in 30-minutes or less, or they guarantee two day shipping. Also, beer aside, their entire liquor cabinet is also up for grabs. From tequila and whiksey, to vodka and wine, nothing is off the table for Saucey.

Beer Menus


For those who enjoy strictly local beers, BeerMenus features a tap list from local bars and a broader stock list from your neighborhood beer store. With that, you can make sure to create a list of your favorite beers in your neighborhood, so that when they're in stock you can be ready to go.