Which Passport Is the Most Powerful?

Does your citizenship allow you to travel the world?

Are you planning an international trip to a country few tourists venture to? You might want to check which countries your passport allows you to access before booking that trip. Many countries don't allow certain passport holders admittance without a preauthorized visa, and you may be surprised to find how limited your travel is by your specific passport. As Lonely Planet points out, "Having visa-free access to countries makes things easier for jet-setting citizens, as they don't have to go through a long or expensive application process to visit other countries."

To find out which countries you're permitted to visit with your specific passport, check out The Henley World Passport Index, a ranking of countries' passports based on how many countries their holders can access without a prior visa.

In 2019, the most powerful passports in the world are Japan and Singapore, with access to 190 countries.

In a close second are South Korea, Germany, and Finland with access to 188 countries. If you're an American passport holder, you may be surprised to learn that your passport only allows you access to 186 countries. Holders of Afghanistan passports have the lease access of anyone, at just 25 countries.


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