5 Things You Need To Know About Muzzy

And why the BBC program works best for kids.

Having three children under the age of ten isn't easy. Trying to keep them occupied during all their school holidays is tough; something us, Moms, regularly discuss. And that's how I heard about Muzzy.

What's Muzzy? Turns out it's a language learning cartoon for kids created by language experts at the BBC. You can choose from a variety of languages and even choose to get it online or in DVD format. It all sounded great and my husband and I loved the idea of our kids getting to learn a new language but I didn't know if it would suit my kids.

They are very active and energetic kids so, it can be hard for them to focus and I also didn't want to increase their screen time anymore.

But with the thought of the next school holidays looming, I ordered Muzzy to see if it would help and I thought I could just make this their screen time and at least it will be beneficial to their growth and learning.

Muzzy surprised me, here are 5 reasons why:

The biggest shock was that my kids actually enjoyed Muzzy. They even ask for it over their regular cartoons. It's the ultimate guilt-free screen time -- definitely has the seal of approval from my three!

There's a 30-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee in case my kids weren't fans.

It's affordable. For under $5 a month, it's an amazing value! Think of how much a tutor would cost.

Since getting Muzzy I learned about the window of opportunity. The way our brains develop means that the younger we are, the easier it is to learn new languages.

The whole family can enjoy it together. We love how all the kids watch it together and then speak it to each other, helping them to bond.

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I feel Muzzy is really giving my kids a head start in life, and it's really opening up their minds and contributing to their development. I got it to keep them occupied, but it has done so much more. Now I'm the mom recommending Muzzy to every parent at their school!

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