The 5 Most Delicious and Unique Ways to Eat Bologna

In honor of National Bologna Day, let's look at new ways to enjoy one the most delicious meats around!

Bologna is an absolute delicacy.

It is one of the saltiest meats of all time, and it's coveted at delis everywhere. It emerged as early as the 1400s, and it's still one of the most affordable meats to date. While the bologna and mayo sandwich remains a tried and true American staple, bologna has since been used in a variety of unique and delicious recipes around the world. As we celebrate National Bologna Day, let's take a look at the most unique ways to enjoy the universally adored meat, so you can make sure to never go a day without Bologna!

Smoked Bologna with Bacon

If you're a gym rat looking to make the most out of your winter bulking season, this meat stick will help you exceed your protein needs for the day. What you are looking at is seasoned and smoked bologna, wrapped in a blanket of bacon. Eat it as is, or slice and serve on buns, tortilla wraps, or crackers. If you really wanna go off, make sure to douse the bacon with a little brown sugar to give it a delicious crispy bark.


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