Riding wave season like a pro

We show you how to find the perfect cruise for you, at the lowest price

It'swave season, the period between December and the end of March where cruises are at their lowest prices all year. There's something about a snowmageddon that makes you want to pack your bags and follow a journey toward the sun. Here's the catch: I've never been on a cruise before, and definitely never booked one.

See, I am a habitual vacation-add-to-cart-er. I will search vacation rentals, flights, hotels, cultural excursions, and restaurants for a trip I will add to cart and then let the tides of time wash away (I really like cruise puns). So it occurred to me, why not ask an expert about taking an Atlantic voyage during the most economically beneficial time for me? I spoke with the Cruise editor for CruCon, a travel site that collects deals, trends, and insights on cruises and serves as your personal cruise travel agency. Alejandra Lopez helped clear up my booking anxiety and gave the best tips for different types of personalities.

January-March is known as wave season, the time of year where people can get awesome deals on cruise packages. What is it about these months that make cruise hunting so great for the consumer?

Wave Season is the time when the cruise lines offer some of their most aggressive deals of the year and offer great value to consumers looking to plan their next vacation and when you book with a travel agent, you typically get even more value-adds on top of what the cruise lines offer. In celebration of Wave Season, this year CruCon is giving away three 7-night Caribbean cruises on Celebrity Equinox. (Click here for more details.)

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