How New Wash Brought My Hair Back To Life After A Busy Summer

I had the best summer ever making up for lost time with my friends. We went on lots of trips and spent tons of time in the sun, at the beach and by the pool.

Over the summer I washed my hair a lot more than usual, and I started to notice signs of damage. However, it shouldn't have been such a surprise considering the sea, sun, and chlorine drying it out.

I've always been super careful when protecting my skin in the sun, but this year I completely forgot about giving my hair extra attention.

Now that summer is coming to an end, my hair is super dry, and all of the products I've tried haven't helped, or the results only last a day or two.

I was looking for something simple I could do since the hair masks and conditioner treatments weren't cutting it. That's when a friend mentioned Hairstory's New Wash to me - an alternative to shampoo and conditioner.

Turns out, the shampoo and conditioners at your local drug store are terrible for your hair. Most shampoos contain sulfates and other detergents that over-clean your hair and strip it of its natural protective oils, leading to an overproduction of oils in response.

Hairstory claims to debunk the vicious shampoo and conditioner cycle and replace it with a product that's free of all of the damaging toxins found in almost all store-bought brands.

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The more I read up about shampoo and conditioner, the more I understood my hair's post-summer damage.

I was still unsure if Hairstory's New Wash would be for me, so I asked my friend for more details. She told me that their New Wash Original formula works with every hair type, and they had a Rich or Deep option - so my needs would definitely be met.

She also said that after the adjustment period with New Wash, her hair is the healthiest it's ever been (and I had to admit, her hair looked super healthy and shiney).

I was intrigued so I decided to order myself some New Wash to try out, even though I wasn't fully convinced. First I took the Hairstory quiz to find which product was best for me (they get that everyone's hair is different).

I went with New Wash Rich which is best for thick, textured, or damaged hair, but they also have New Wash Original for thin, thick, straight, and curly hair, and New Wash Deep for oily hair.

I love how transparent Hairstory is about their ingredients. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, "Jojoba" seed oil, "Evening Primrose" oil, Sunflower seed oil, Rose oil, and Keratin are a few of the safe and effective ingredients in New Wash. Not to mention, their formula is mostly plant-based and biodegradable.

My New Wash arrived promptly and I couldn't wait to get started. After the first use I didn't see much difference, but I knew there was an adjustment period so I stayed patient.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I was in shock at how much healthier my hair was. It was literally the healthiest it's ever been! I've been getting compliments on my hair ever since - everyone comments on it's insane shine and asks if I'd gotten extensions based on the new found volume. Nope, it's all mine thanks to Hairstory!

I've since signed up to Hairstory's Refill Club which allows me to subscribe and save on my orders, plus get free shipping. There's also less packaging (and less plastic use) as they send you a refillable container! So it's more convenient, and great for the environment.

I'll admit that I wasn't fully convinced of Hairstory's New Wash until I tried it myself, but trust me, it really works. If you're looking to cut our toxic products for your hair, check out Hairstory. Their New Wash is a post-summer hair essential.

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