Want To Learn Piano? Here’s The New Way

It's never too late to pick up an instrument. And it's never too late to go back to an instrument! It can be daunting, especially if you're pressed for time, but thankfully, there's an outstanding new way to learn piano, right from your phone.

The JoyTunes app, Simply Piano, is an award-winning app that uses game strategy to help build your piano skills, in as little as 5 minutes a day.

There are far too many apps and YouTube channels that promise an easy way to become a virtuoso on the piano, so we were skeptical, but JoyTunes really gets it right.

Here are 5 reasons to check out Simply Piano.

1. Fast Progress

There's no app in the world that will practice for you, but if you put in the work, you're going to see yourself improving at a rapid rate! You can set reminders to practice and Simply Piano will keep moving up to different and trickier levels that will challenge you without overwhelming you to quitting.

2. Interactive, Direct Feedback

Online learning usually means no feedback. However, Simply Piano gives you instant feedback on your notes, pacing, and everything. You get the benefit of an in-person teacher without having to spend time driving to one.

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3. Great Music Selection

Another issue with learning piano in a structured environment like a classroom is the focus on classical music. While pre-19th century scores can teach you all the technical skills you need to know, so can pop music! Simply Piano offers rock and pop from top artists like Aerosmith and Sia and musicals like La La Land and School of Rock!

4. Fits Your Needs

If you only have 5 minutes a day, that's all you need. There are short and long lessons, tailored to if you want to learn to read sheet music, master piano, or just play your favorite songs.

5. Online Community

There's an active group on Facebook you can consult for tips, tricks, encouragement, and more. A quick "JoyTunes" search will bring you to their page, where you'll find players of all levels and ages cheering each other on. If you need a fresh burst of inspiration, this is the perfect place to go!

There's a 7-day free trial, or you can choose to continue for a monthly fee or an annual fee and save some money. It also easily hooks up to your keyboard - if you don't have one yet, you can still get started!

Whether you're ready to advance your piano skills, dream about performing on stage, or simply want to play Bohemian Rhapsody at parties, JoyTunes has a host of different apps. Simply Piano is the best place to go!

You'll be playing the piano in no time with fun and easy courses and songs