After the wild year of 2020, I really wanted to spend some quality time to reflect. I started journaling my day to day and realized I spend WAY too much time on my phone, rarely leave my home, and only read 3 books all year (I used to read way more).

I needed a reset. My partner and I usually get together with some friends on New Year's Eve where we celebrate and talk about our goals for the new year, but since they weren't going to be traveling, I wanted to do something different.

My partner did some research, to see if there were online events or if we could go anywhere, and he told me he found something totally out of the box.

Getaway. Starting at $99 a night and about 2 hours from most major cities, Getaway owns clusters of cabins in the outdoors. They were private, each with its own fire pit and Adirondack chairs, and decked out with heat, hot water, a kitchenette, cozy beds, and giant windows. They also have contactless check-in and full cleaning between bookings, so it's incredibly safe.

Getaway winter cabin

I wasn't planning on going anywhere, but he said one of Getaway's goals is to get you to reconnect with yourself; they don't offer WiFi and there's even a wooden lockbox for your gadgets if you want to commit to unplugging completely.

We decided to book for early January, and I absolutely cannot believe how excited I am! Lately, I've been throwing my phone across the room just to practice unplugging from my devices. Each cabin is equipped with a landline, so we have that as a backup if we need it, but spending some time without Instagram and email is going to be so great.

Woman in a bed with books at a getaway cabin.

I'm really looking forward to having downtime. Getaway offers playing cards and books in all of their cabins, but I'm packing a biography I've been dying to read. My partner's planning on bringing his guitar and using the time to finally find some lyrics for a song he's been humming for months. I also have a ukulele I haven't picked up in months! That's getting packed, too.

Even though we're planning to bring our own food, it's comforting to know that Getaway offers snacks and other items in the cabin that can be added to your bill later, just in case you need them.

For your outpost, the website also gives plenty of information on things to do nearby like hiking or shopping.

We've never taken a trip in January before, but we're not sure why. There's no better way to set up 2021 than with a cozy rest in nature with the person you love.

I can't think of a better way to start the new year.

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S'mores by the campfire oustide a Getaway

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