Top 10 most satisfying GoT moments

From season 1 to now

By Massimo Tornambe

Before I start this list, I'd just like to say that the events that take place contain MANY SPOILERS. So, beware newcomers. Also, this list is ordered after my opinion, so the placing of these events are up for interpretation.

10. The Mad Queen?

This moment in Game of Thrones history was both satisfying and terrible. With the massive Wildfire eruption from the cept came the deaths of many characters, both loved and hated. Personally, I was ecstatic to see this high sparrow getting burnt to a crisp. That guy was such a menace within King's Landing and I was glad to see him gone. However, the deaths of Ser Loras Tyrell and Margaery Tyrell were tragic. The reason this earned 10 on my list is due to the mix of good and bad feelings that accompanied this scene.

9. A Crown for a King

Apparently, it's in Dothraki's nature to find the most brutal way to execute someone. From Khal Drogo ripping tongues out to pouring molten gold on Viserys Targaryen. The pure arrogance and disrespect from Viserys ultimately led to his demise. This spoiled brat still found a way to go out in style. In the end, he did get his crown, just not the crown of the Seven Kingdoms. Overall a very satisfying scene to watch.

8. Jon and Ygritte

Their Romeo and Juliet-esque romance captured the hearts of everyone watching. And if it didn't, you have no soul. There are many great moments between Jon and Ygritte, but the most satisfying is when they finally get together for the first time. Everyone was shipping them from the beginning and it was great when our dreams came true. Which, is why I personally despised that annoying little kid Olly, who eventually kills Ygritte right in front of Jon. Okay, maybe he was "protecting" Jon, and maybe Ygritte helped kill his parents, but still. I hate that kid.

7. Daenerys!

The moment it looked as if Daenerys was willing to sell one of her dragons for an army of unsullied seemed impossible. I mean, she's the mother of dragons. How could she sell one of her children. Especially to this chrome-domed slave owner. The scene shifted from scary to great when she had command of the unsullied, AND the slaveowner was burnt to a crisp.

6. Knights of the Vale to the Rescue

Jon and his army were surrounded, and outnumbered. The end looked near. The death of a beloved character imminent. Then, out of nowhere, an army of Vale cavalry decimates Ramsay's troops and frees Jon's army. This last minute timing and relief that follows was perfectly orchestrated. Which is why this has earned the 6th spot on my list.

5. Jon Reborn

Jon betrayed, my favorite character stabbed by a bunch of traitors. Then, the pure joy when he suddenly rises from the dead. Honestly, the most satisfaction I found from this scene was that little backstabber Olly getting strung up like a fish. Here's a pic of it just so you all can enjoy it as well.

4. Father and Son

Speaking of betrayal, here we have Tyrion and Tywin Lannister's last encounter. Tyrion managed all the abuse and neglect he received from his father over the years. But when he was sentenced to death, and found the love of his life in Tywin's bed, he simply exploded with rage. Killing Shae must have been hard for Tyrion, but murdering his father on the can was all too easy. Especially considering his father's last words to him were: "you're no son of mine". Of course, I'll always be on Tyrion's side no matter his choices, since he's such a likeable character.

3. Arya's Revenge

Walder Frey was responsible for the deaths of Robb and Catelyn Stark, along with all of their followers. It was so satisfying to see him first, eat a pie made out of his sons, then die at the hands of Arya. The icing on the death cake was the badass manner she completed the task in.

2. The death of Ramsay

Ramsay Bolton : one of the most evil characters in Game of Thrones, was terrifically portrayed by Iwan Rheon. He emotionally tortured Sansa, and mutilated Theon. Overall, this guy was a world class a**hole. While I try and stray from using profanity in describing people, there are no nice words to describe Ramsay Bolton. Thankfully, he met a truly horrific demise: he was eaten alive by his own hounds. Yes, he was a great tactician, and almost bested Jon on the field of battle. However, it was Sansa who managed to cry havoc, and let slips the dogs of war. Onto his face.

1. The Purple Wedding

King Joffrey will go down as one of the most hated television characters in history. He was an excellent villain, and whenever the audience was able to glimpse into his mind, all that was visible was pure evil. The second spoiled brat on my list, Joffrey truly was a sadistic little turd. He used his power to emotionally embarrass and torture those around him, simply for entertainment. I'm sure all of us viewers are satisfied with his death. From what u can see in the picture above, it truly was an awful way to go. But, he deserved it. Game of Thrones has managed to both horrify and satisfy audiences throughout it's running, and I hope it continues to do as such.


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