6 most inventive Instagram pastry chefs

From 3-D models to matching shoes, Instagram offers plenty of fresh takes on pastries

Instagram is home to some of the most creative pieces of art on the internet. You can see beautiful paintings, sketches, photos, and videos. Another big category is pictures of food. Many people share photos of their restaurant-served meals and home cooked dinners. Others share their cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other pastries. Here are some of the best pastry chefs on Instagram you should be following.

1. Dianara Kasko (@dianarakasko)

A post shared by Dinara Kasko (@dinarakasko) on Oct 17, 2017 at 9:05am PDT

Diana Kasko is a chef pushing the boundaries of cake design. She has gained a huge following for her innovative designs and moulds. She actually holds a degree in architecture, which informs her passion for baking. She uses her skills to create amazing cake moulds in a 3-D modeling program. You can even purchase her custom moulds on her website and impress everyone with your new incredible baking skills. Follow her to see her new designs as they come.

2. Fou de Patisserie (@foudepatisserie)

Fou de Patisserie is a shop based on Paris. Their Instagram account will have you wishing you could hop a jet right this instant. You can see their high-class pastry designs every day. These include everything from fruit-filled macarons to sushi-shaped cupcakes. And, of course, lots and lots of chocolate desserts.

3. Cedric Grolet (@cedricgrolet)

Cedric Grolet started cooking at the age of 12. He is now pastry chef at the luxury hotel Le Meurice in Paris. His designs are more classy than other American chefs, but they are no less creative. Grolet's pastries are very original and are often inspired by modernist architecture. Just take a look at his rubies' cube desserts made off bite sized pieces.

4. Flufflegram (@flufflegram)

Love cotton candy? This is the Instagram for you. Flufflegram is run by Nathan and he makes fairy floss — as it is called in Australia. He includes the sweet treat in all kinds of desserts from cupcakes to donuts to ice cream. You can order his cotton candy online if you're so inclined.

5. Holly Fox (@hol_fox)

Holly Fox is a sugar baker and graphic designer. Her Instagram is filled with cute and colorful sugar cookies. Each picture is its own piece of art, often a tessellation. She creates cookie designs for every holiday and even makes adorable treats in the same of other desserts. Who doesn't want to eat a cookie shaped like ice cream or a cupcake? You can order her cookies in her Etsy shop.

6. Tal Spiegel (@desserted_in_paris)

Tap Spiegel is another pastry chef based in Paris, but his account does something a little different. It doesn't show off his own work or even just his favorite desserts. Instead, Spiegel takes excellently composed pictures of the pastry along with his color-coordinated shoes. It's the peak of food and fashion. He even has his own book of his work.


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