NYC's 10 Best 24-Hour Diners

Because sometimes you just need a stack of pancakes at 3 AM.

With their expansive menus, woozy lights, and vintage stylings, diners are all-American staples. Of course, New York City has no shortage of 24-hour diners for its nocturnal inhabitants. Which ones are worth trekking to at the end (or beginning) of a long night on the town? Read on to discover the top 24-hour joints in the Big Apple.

1. Sarge's Delicatessen and Diner

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548 3rd Avenue

Thanks to this diner, you can get your fix of matzah ball soup any time of day or night. Sarge's is NYC's only Jewish diner, and it offers a selection of traditional fare as well as some unique specialties, including "The Monster"—a tower of five different kinds of meats smashed together with lettuce and tomato to form what's allegedly the city's largest sandwich. With its vintage design and celebrity-photo-lined walls, this is a sure bet the next time you're craving waffles at 3 AM.

The stories she chronicled reveal the true magic of the NYC diner. It's not the food; it's not even the atmosphere. The magic is in the people that pass through—the wide-eyed artists and the veteran performers who remember a time when they paid $50 a month for their apartments; the drunks and the bankers; people from across the world and people who've lived in Manhattan their whole lives—all pulled into the fray of the city's electricity and drawn to diners when they need a brief refuge from the current.

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