This Map Shows Your Odds of Seeing a UFO in Every State

UFO sightings are way more common than you might think.

To the dismay of memers across the universe, the U.S. government recently announced that it will use deadly force on anyone who attempts to breach security at Area 51.

However, even if you can't infiltrate the base, you still might have a decent chance at catching a glimpse of "them aliens." After all, thousands of UFO sightings have been reported—in every single U.S. state.

This new, interactive map from tells you your exact odds of seeing an unidentified flying object in every state, along with the number of encounters that have been reported in each. Apparently, you have the best shot at catching a glimpse of the extraterrestrial beyond in South Dakota, whereas your odds are worst in Florida (seems like Florida Man already has the inexplicable covered).

"Discover where America's alien hot spots are with our interactive UFO sightings map. After crunching the data on every reported UFO sighting in the US since 1940, we've calculated your real odds of spotting alien craft, state by state. The results might surprise you - Hint: California isn't the top state."

The website is also stuffed with fascinating information about alien encounters across America, ranging from the mind-blowing fact 40,000 Americans have taken out alien abduction insurance to the fact that the U.S. government actually began a secret UFO monitoring project, The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, in 2007—and parts of it still remain classified.

It also contains an interactive timeline of reported UFO sightings, dating back to 1440 BC, when Pharaoh Thutmose II's scribes reported seeing "fiery disks" in the sky. The timeline includes some extraordinarily bizarre stories, ranging from the profane to the thrilling. Reading the reports of sex, medical examinations, flashing lights, and power outages, it's hard not to think of this SNL sketch featuring Ryan Gosling and Kristen Wiig:

Close Encounter -

So if you really want to meet an alien, maybe you don't need to storm Area 51. Maybe all you need to do is look up.


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