I’ve Finally Found It: Plus Size Workout Apparel Curated Just For Me!

It's 2019, and "body positive marketing" is everywhere. I see more and more ads with plus-size models, and yet I still can't find cute clothes in my size. To me, this trend seems more like a PR ploy rather than actually catering to the plus-size market. Trendy brands tell us to love our bodies no matter what they look like, and yet they still only offer tasteless (yet expensive!) pieces of cloth that could pretty much pass for maternity clothes.

As a plus-size woman who struggles to find flattering outfits, I wanted to share my discovery of YogaClub with you all. YogaClub is an activewear subscription box that sends you a full workout outfit every month - a top, sports bra, and leggings - from high-end designer brands like Vie Active, Threads 4 Thought, and Glyder. Ladies, this is the only fitness apparel company I've discovered that doesn't only cater to the Kylie Jenners of the world - their sizes go up to 3X! And best of all, it's much more affordable than most cute workout clothes. You're getting an individually curated outfit that's worth over $160 for only $79, which is 60% off what you would've paid directly from the brand.

Not only do they actually carry affordable clothing, but you're also not limited to the boring basics or cringe-worthy patterns that we're usually stuck with. They have tons of brands with a delightfully extensive selection of colors, patterns, and styles. You take a short yet thorough style quiz when you sign up so that their stylists know what to put in your box. I was surprised by how thoughtful some of the questions were - for example, you can pick certain parts of your body to cover, and they show you a couple of sample outfits for you to rate. For example, I hate when my low-waisted leggings roll down, so I chose to keep my tummy covered.

I've been subscribing to YogaClub for a couple of months now, and I can wholeheartedly say that I love getting these adorable outfits sent right to my doorstep. You can literally feel how high-quality the fabrics are, especially compared to the cheap clothes I used to scrounge up at Target or Walmart. The leggings have a perfectly stretchy fit, and are comfortable and slimming at the same time. I've gotten the most supportive sports bras that don't show any boob spillage but still have the cutest designs and strappy cut-outs. And I didn't even have to give up half my paycheck or comb through the plus-size racks to get them!

Having these flattering outfits makes me feel much more confident when I'm at the gym. They're so comfortable that I wear them just to lounge around the house, and they're trendy enough that I've even gone to brunch with my friends in a couple. I also love that they barely promote how inclusive they are - they simply have it there if you want it. YogaClub, thank you so much for being the first company that genuinely offers me beautiful workout clothes that I feel amazing in!

UPDATE: YogaClub + TrueSelf are extending a special offer to new members: $20 off your membership price for life. Follow this link to get your box for only $59!