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Swing, Style, Slay – Golf Fashion with PXG Apparel

I’ve always got my eye out for stunning outfits. I tend to go for that blend of the classic with the what’s on-trend. And I’m willing to look just about anywhere to find them.

But golf wear? Please. You’ve got to be kidding.

So, never in a million years did I see this coming. I was standing in line at my favorite coffee shop and noticed a stranger wearing this drop-dead-gorgeous V-Neck Cardigan. I snuck a pic and sent it to my group chat because I was obsessed and knew my detective team would find it instantly. My friends said it was from PXG, but I so didn’t believe them, I was forced to ask her myself.

Now, I know PXG. It’s a massive deal in the golf world. I know this because my boyfriend Ben just upgraded to PXG clubs. Weekends are 24/7 about the game. Okay, it’s a little tiring but he’s fantastic and sweet, so it’s all good.

Anyway, I mustered up the courage and asked what brand makes the cardigan. Sure enough, it was PXG. We chatted some more about how marvelous her cardi is. Then my order was ready and I immediately hopped on my phone for more PXG intel. Could golf gear really be this stylish?

But when I checked out the site I was blown away by PXG Apparel’s fresh designs and top-notch quality. Their athleisure range has a tasteful yet bold style that sets it apart. Although I’m not joining Ben’s club anytime soon, I still dropped a bunch of items from the PXG women’s collection in my cart. And the BEST part, they are having an End Of Season Sale where select styles are 40% Off!

When I opened my PXG parcel it felt like Christmas morning! I couldn’t wait to try everything on and do a fashion show for Ben. All I can say is I don’t know how I lived my life without PXG’s Varsity V-Neck Cardigan. Pair it with the High-Low Ankle Golf Pant – what an unbeatable match.

These elegant black pants are awesome. I’m rather partial to the curved-shape leg opening – really unique. They offer four-way stretch and breathability, providing comfort and performance. I can easily style this flattering, must-have pant with any PXG top.

For instance, my PXG V-Neck Cardigan. I don’t know why but when I snap the hidden closure buttons, I feel like Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. The black wool-knit blend is soft and stretchy and is a fabulous extra layer on chilly days. But the pièce de résistance is the exquisite detailing – that pop of Hope Blue at the neckline and wrists.

I dressed up my V-Neck Cardigan with PXG’s matching Blue Stripe Pleated Skirt that suits me to a tee. This sensational skirt has built-in shorts and front pockets. Plus, I simply cannot get enough of that bold Hope Blue pleat – how striking.

Put these three pieces together and you’ve got the beginning of one dynamic wardrobe. PXG’s top-selling styles feature modern silhouettes, impeccable detailing, and ultra-comfortable tailoring. They not only look great, but many feature innovative tech like moisture-wicking, quick-dry fabrics, and UV protection.

But wait-wait, I’m not finished. I couldn’t resist the Pleated Side Pocket Skirt. The asymmetrical hem and pleats combined with built-in shorts and flexible fabric give the best blend of fashion and function. And if you’re ready for the green, its two-way stretch and UV protection will never let you down.

And last but not least, the PXG Boat Neck Sweater. Perhaps it’s the basic-black, stretchy wool-knit blend with the contrasting white stripes on the waistband and sleeves, but this boat neck says Meghan Markle to me.

What all my faves have in common is classic style with a contemporary edge. PXG clothing runs the gamut from golf pants to skirts to shorts to polos to sweaters, joggers, and jackets.

Everything they make is distinctive and impeccably crafted. No matter where I go in my PXG I exude elegance and rack up serious compliments. You can wear it on and off the course, out for drinks with friends, or dinner at some trendy bistro.

I’m not the world’s best golfer – yet. But thanks to PXG, I know I rank among the world’s best-dressed golfers!

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