Quatorze Bis; the most underrated French joint on 79th Street

French perfection on the Upper East Side.

For the francophiles among us who lack both funds and free time, Paris can feel as far from New York as the moon. Still, New York City has a reputation for having some of the best French restaurants in America, and the list of top-notch choices is staggeringly long. Le Bernardin and Daniel both have Michelin stars (three and two respectively), and there are plenty of other famous spots of note; Balthazar, The French Laundry, and LeCoucou to name a few.

Whether you prefer Haute Cuisine or bistro-style dining, the city is saturated with so many wonderful eateries, it becomes entirely too easy to overlook perfection. This is undoubtedly the reason why Quatorze Bis, a fabulous little bistro located on the Upper East Side, never seems to make it into articles about the city's best French joints.

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