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Quick & Easy Guide To lululemon Studio Mirror

Fitness takes many forms – from pricey gym memberships and studio classes to routine walks or working out from home. No matter when or how you get your heart rate pumping, a good sweat and rush of endorphins is always the goal. But between busy work days and an ever-changing schedule, it’s not that simple to get a good workout in.

We found the perfect solution to the problem of not having enough time to exercise:lululemon Studio. It is one of our absolute favorite additions to any workout schedule. You’ll never get bored of doing the same workouts, consistently achieve your fitness goals, and best of all – never have to leave your home.

We’re taking it down to the basics and starting with the fundamentals of lululemon Studio.

WHAT is lululemon Studio?

lululemon Studio is a hybrid home-gym setup that not only lets you experience original live and on-demand classes on lululemon Studio Mirror, but also gives you access to some of the best boutique fitness studios like Rumble Boxing, DOGPOUND, and AARMY from anywhere.

Outside of hitting your workout goals, lululemon Studio benefits include:

  • 10% off lululemon apparel and gear
  • 20% off at partner studios*
  • Unlimited experiential store classes
  • Early access to product drops
  • Returns on sale items
  • Free hemming

HOW do you use lululemon Studio Mirror?

Once you set up lululemon Studio Mirror, you can explore its 10,000+ live and on-demand workout classes from across 60+ fitness genres. No matter what level of difficulty you’re looking for, lululemon Studio has the class and level covered. Simply follow the instructors and enjoy a world-class session.

lululemon Studio Mirror original options include boxing, dance cardio, yoga, barre, strength + conditioning, and even low-impact stretching with classes ranging from 5 to 60 minutes. The lululemon Studio membership also gives you access to workouts from:

  • Purebarre
  • Y7 Studio
  • Rumble Boxing
  • YogaSix
  • And more!

lululemon Studio Mirror provides real-time, tailored feedback and insights on how you’re doing and ways to perfect your form. You can watch yourself, watch the instructors, and then watch real results come to fruition. lululemon Studio Mirror can also incorporate biometric data using your Apple Watch or heart rate monitor so you can track your progress, the amount of calories burned, and whether you’re hitting your fitness goals.

You can even face off 1-on-1 in competitive classes and try to defeat your friends and other Mirror users.

lululemon Studio Mirror
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WHO should use lululemon Studio?

Anyone looking to reach their fitness goals! lululemon Studio works as both the perfect partner to your current gym or studio routine or as your sole workout go-to.

lululemon Studio seamlessly blends into your training pattern and can act as a substitute for your usual routine on the days you either don’t have the time - or energy - to make it to the gym. With levels ranging from beginner to advanced, you don’t have to worry about taking it easy on your off- days.

lululemon Studio can also function as the only form of gym you need, too! With instructors at the top of their respective fields, you can train, progress, and achieve new fitness levels from home, in studios, stores, and even on the app.

Plus, lululemon Studio allows users to create individual profiles with full access to all workouts for up to six household members, making it perfect for families and roommates alike.

WHERE can you fit lululemon Studio Mirror?

lululemon Studio Mirror is 53x21 inches, so it can mount or stand practically anywhere. Unlike other bulky home gyms, there are no additional arms or benches, and it only requires enough space to stand in front – about the size of a yoga mat. You also have the option to use weights with some classes but apart from that, lululemon Studio Mirror is the only equipment you’ll need.

WHY do I need lululemon Studio?

Consistency is key to achieving your fitness goals. Having more than one method – and area – gives you the headspace to try new things, work different muscles, and get a full-rounded workout.

We all know how important form is when exercising. lululemon Studio Mirror's display ensures that you are using the correct form without needing real-life supervision from a personal trainer. You can match the trainer's form a lot easier with lululemon Studio Mirror than watching a class on a screen!

lululemon Studio Mirror costs $1,495 with a $39/month Membership plan, and they also offer a 60-day risk-free trial. No matter who you are, what your regimen looks like, or where you work out, lululemon Studio gives you the variety and motivation needed to achieve all your fitness goals.