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Trip of a lifetime? Check. Petsitter for Pogo? Check. Luggage? Luggage? Uh oh! The last time you checked, the suitcase that you used for that trip to visit Nana and Pa was up in the attic and you've already forgotten how it got up there and if there's a ladder or staircase anywhere in the vicinity. And even if you could catapult your dog up there to sniff around for it, you remembered that it had a missing handle and a broken wheel.

We have the answer to all of this confusion: smart luggage.

Raden is a leading company that makes an exemplary model of these incredible suitcases. Their tag line is, "the case for better travel." The idea is to provide the most beautiful, hip, functional and technologically-advanced luggage the world has to offer. Here's why you need this luggage:

1. It's made from very light and durable polycarbonate shells

2. It's extremely roomy and can fit at least 2 weeks' worth of stuff

3. You can select from ten beautiful colors and two finishes (gloss and matte)

Our personal favorite is the light pink gloss, especially since it stands out at the baggage carousel. Each bag has a weight sensor built into the handle to help you decide if the hand-painted ceramic bowls you bought in Tuscany need to be shipped or can be tucked in with all your other trinkets.

Now here's the really cool part. The Raden smart luggage has an integrated 7,800 mAh battery which allows up to 4x full phone charges with 2 ports to charge multiple devices. That means no waiting for a parting of the seas at the charging station and no added germies from touching public plugs.

Seriously though, this Raden luggage makes our dream trips so much easier, prettier, and neater. We love it!


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