Read This Before You Try Nutrisystem

Healthy eating is about smart choices. But, smart choices aren't necessarily easy. Not everyone has the time to cook fresh and nutritious meals or spend hours in grocery stores collecting lists of ingredients.

Our editors knew there had to be a simpler way to maintain a healthy diet without the hassle. When looking for a solution, we had to test the leader in the “eat right” space: Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem is a weight loss and nutrition company that helps people manage their weight or shed unwanted pounds. You’re able to eat healthily and establish new habits by having ready-to-eat meals delivered right to the door. Their plans combine high-protein meal choices with lower-glycemic nutrition plans designed for good health and to help control hunger. You’re also able to keep track of your results and stay motivated with Nutrisystem’s 1-on-1 coaching and their free NuMi® weight loss app, which tracks your meals, hydration, and physical activity.

Is Nutrisystem really as good as it sounds though? We took a closer look at what real customers are saying about their subscription service online and here’s what was revealed!

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Nutrisystem helps with portion control, choosing healthier options, and building routines.

Their subscription service helps you save money and time!

It’s effective, simple to follow, and designed to make you feel better than ever before!

Nutrisystem supports healthy weight loss while helping you avoid plateaus. They recommend eating 6 times a day, so you feel satisfied—not hungry!*

Nutrisystem's free app is packed with helpful resources and support tools, making it super easy to eat healthy, stay motivated, and lose weight!*

Depending on your preferences and lifestyle, there are plenty of different Nutrisystem plans to choose from—from individual plans for women or men to partner plans, diabetes plans, and even an option for vegetarians. You'll have totally prepared meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and yummy snacks like cupcakes, bars and cookies. Even better, plans start as low as $10 a day!

Each meal is perfectly portioned so, all you need to do is heat and eat! You can choose from over 160 menu options, like their Classic Hamburger, Broccoli andCheese Stuffed Chicken Breast along with hearty premium meals like Beef Lo Mein and Grain-Crusted Fish with Vegetables. We love that each meal comes with detailed nutrition facts that make it easy to see what you're eating—and everything is made with nutrition in mind.

No need for calorie-counting or tiring workouts: You only need to stick to the plan and begin losing weight. We were also reassured by the fact that, if you don't love it after 14 days, Nutrisystem offers a money-back guarantee, so you have not much to lose except pounds of unwanted body fat and old, unhealthy eating habits!

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