This year for the holidays, my mother-in-law is bringing her sister and her entire family to visit. Meeting new family members in any circumstance is stressful, but this time I'm cooking a turkey, and they barely speak any English!

They're from South America, so they mostly speak Spanish. I was panicking because I really wanted to be able to hold a conversation with them, but besides 'Hola' I knew absolutely no Spanish.

I didn't need to be fluent, just have a conversational command. But how was I supposed to learn Spanish in a short space of time?

I did some research online and came across people raving about Rosetta Stone time and time again. It's been around for more than 25 years and is apparently the "gold standard" of language learning, but I wasn't sure if it would work for me. I didn't think I'd have time for their program, but then I found out their app combines all their language teachings in small chunk lessons, so I could do it in my own time, online or offline.

I'm swamped during the week except for my commute, so after reading that I could do the lessons on my own schedule, I decided to sign up. The next morning, I completed my first lesson during my morning ride. It was so clear and easy to follow; I was surprised at how much I learned after just one lesson.

I kept doing the lessons throughout the week, and one thing I loved is that they're never boring. Each exercise teaches you different aspects of a language, between pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar, so your brain has plenty of ways to adapt and learn.

One of the best features of the Rosetta Stone App is the TruAccent™ speech-recognition engine, which is AI-powered and rates everything you say on a 1-100 scale.

It's so easy, you just speak, and you get scored on your pronunciation instantly. This feature is great because I've always fallen down on pronunciation when it comes to language learning in the past.

Another great feature of Rosetta Stone is the Stories. You can listen and read along at the same time - it's a really great way to expose yourself to the new language.

Within the Stories, it lets you know where you went wrong and how to improve. Not to mention, the Stories are actually really fun and entertaining!

By the time Christmas rolled around, I felt ready. After doing as many lessons as I could in the space of a few weeks, I was confident I'd built up enough vocab. When my aunt-in-law and her kids arrived, my heart was pounding as I attempted to greet them properly.

"¡Hola! ¿Cómo estuvo el viaje?" Her face lit up in delight at hearing the Spanish language. "Estuvo bien, ¡gracias!"

Throughout the evening, I was shocked at the amount of Spanish I was able to understand during conversations. I was even able to laugh at some of their jokes!

I realized that if I kept this up, I would definitely be able to contribute to their conversations in the future.

Rosetta Stone has allowed me to communicate with my family and form bonds that I never thought I could. I'm going to continue to do my lessons with Rosetta Stone, and maybe even become fluent.

I'd recommend Rosetta Stone to anyone - whether you just want to learn the basics of a language, or become more proficient in a language, anyone can use it to their own benefit.

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