Famous Shopping Streets Across the Globe

The most beautiful and busy shopping streets in the world!

Whether you plan to grab your wallet or just grab your camera these are the busiest, most expensive, and most famous shopping streets in the world.

1. Rodeo Drive- Beverly Hills, California

The palm lined sidewalks of Rodeo Drive have become synonymous with the luxurious California life. The favorite location for the rich and famous it has every high end store sitting one right next to another. It's become a popular tourist location for window shoppers and those trying to get a glimpse of a celebrity. The mix of European glamour and California relaxation makes for a unique shopping location.

2. 5th Avenue- New York, New York

This bustling street shows how New York has earned the title of the City that Never Sleeps. Featuring some of the highest store rental prices in the world, upwards of $3,500 per square foot, this street is packed with high end luxury retailers. Always packed with shoppers and tourists alike you don't need to have any money to enjoy what 5th Ave has to offer. Around the holidays these wide streets can even be partially closed to traffic because of the large number of people trying to see the famous extravagant window displays, or trying to get close to the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and skating rink.

3. Bond Street- London, England

Bond Street stretching from Piccadilly to Oxford is one of the busiest and most expensive streets in all of Europe. It has been a favorite for the elite of London since the 18th century and it even appears in some works of classic English literature. While it is no longer the social meeting place it once was it still is the height of luxury in London. Bond street even houses the famous Sotheby's auction house which sells some of the most expensive and exclusive art and antiques in the world.

4. Champs-Élysées- Paris, France

Running a straight line between the Place de la Concorde (where the famous Guillotine once stood) down to the Place de Charles de Gaulle (where the L'Arc de Triomphe stands) this wide street exemplifies the Parisian architectural style. The street is quite busy with both pedestrian and car traffic because of its size and convenient linking of different neighborhoods of Paris. The stores that line this street are not the only draw for tourists. Called the world's' most beautiful avenue the Champs-Elysees might possibly be the most famous as well. Graceful and quite long, the avenue features high end stores mixed in amongst the Parisian pastry shops, cafés, movie theaters, and historic sites.

5. Causeway Bay- Hong Kong

Constantly competing with New York's 5th Avenue for the most expensive rental prices in the world, Causeway Bay is an ultimate shopping destination. Big department stores are everywhere along the pathway and sell everything ranging from electronics, fashion, jewelry, mattresses, furniture, and more. Unlike the spread out avenues of other shopping streets Causeway is all about high density. Tall buildings filled to the brim and bursting with light rise up around on all sides. It would take days to really explore the different areas of Causeway Bay but they would have everything you're looking for.

6. Ginza- Tokyo, Japan

Not exactly a shopping street, more of a shopping neighborhood, this district has some of the oldest shopping streets in the world. Originally swampland this neighborhood was filled in during the 1500s and has endured centuries of busy shoppers. Every weekend the streets are shut down to traffic to accommodate the influx of visitors and it becomes a foot traffic shopping area called "Hokōsha Tengoku", Pedestrian Heaven. Ginza features all of the international well known brands as well as specialized Japanese stores, a high end night life scene, one of the world's' largest toy stores, art galleries, and a massive theater. There are neon lights that line the streets and embody a classic image of Tokyo once the sun goes down and the nightlife starts.

7. Via Monte Napoleone- Milan, Italy

With an extensive history dating all the way back to Roman Civilization, this street now stands as the crown jewel of the Milan fashion district. Alongside the big international brands this street features the work of more exclusive Italian designers. Not only does the Milan shopping district feature exclusive shoe designers but Italy is also the leather capital of the world. Along the Via Monte Napoleone you can buy the finest leather goods from the top Italian designers.


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