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Skeptical About Coterie? Here’s My Honest Review

We all know what a diaper is. It’s not magic, it’s diapers. So, why can’t they come up with a reliable diaper that ticks every box? I have two cutie-pies — Katlyn’s a year and a half and Rose is only 3 months old. Take it from me, all diaper brands are not created equal.

As parents, we’re all well aware of the mishaps — the unexpected blowouts or those oh-so-annoying 3 am trips for fresh supplies. Finding an oops-proof diaper that keeps the mess in and is kind to the baby's sensitive skin can be tough, but so necessary.

I’ve been disappointed time and again — dealing with issues like leaks, lousy absorption, and worrying about irritating chemicals. And if you think a sub-par diaper bothers me, imagine how it affects my babies.

I’d been buying our diapers in bulk from the big-box stores forever, so venturing beyond that world felt like a risk. But after yet another massive diaper letdown, Kayla — a mom-friend — suggested Coterie. She says they make chemical-free, hypoallergenic, sustainably sourced diapers that are soft as cashmere.

Come on. What diaper is as soft as cashmere? To be honest, I doubted their diapers were any different from the rest. But with my stressed-out mom life, I didn’t have the time or energy to deal with the barrage of diaper companies vying for my attention.

So, I looked into Coterie.

Although I need convenience as a mom, I’m not a subscription person. I’ve been locked in by the small print more than once. But Kayla assured me that Coterie is completely flexible. They feature an auto-ship option, so no worries about running out. No more late-night, emergency diaper runs.

With a Coterie subscription, you can delay, skip, or cancel a shipment at any time. And she’s obsessed with their convenient SMS order tracking via text that makes the process super easy. Amazing for busy moms’ hectic lives.

Although I still was a tad skeptical about ordering diapers online, Coterie offers 10% savings for first-time subscribers. So I added to cart and checked out. Done.

As soon as they arrived, I put them to the test. I must say that Coterie fits Katlyn and Rose so much better than any diaper we’ve tried. Plus, they’re incredibly soft – cashmere-soft even!

When it comes to capacity, I had my doubts. I’ve tried multiple brands and all of them leak – especially during the night. Not with Coterie surprisingly. According to their site, Coterie has up to double the capacity of other brands. I 100% agree.

Their diapers are well-engineered with side cuffs to prevent leaks. There’s a stripe at the center which turns blue when the diaper is full, and a breathable top sheet to protect my daughters’ skin. And let’s not forget that Coterie diapers are 25% plant-based.

And I love that I know what’s going into the product… they're free from irritants like chlorine, parabens, dyes, lotions, phthalates, and heavy metals that most big brands use. Apart from that, the clean materials and rapid moisture-wicking help to protect my little ones’ sensitive skin.

At first, I wasn’t sure if we should continue with the subscription since Coterie costs slightly more than the diapers I used to buy from the store. But, turns out it’s not that much more overall since I have fewer changes – especially at night!

Plus, there’s free standard shipping on orders over $49! So I'm okay with paying a bit extra. My babies sleep better because they stay dry all night. And, think about it, less laundry.

Coterie’s high-performance diapering essentials are designed to support a baby through every stage and milestone. My girls are happy, so I’m happy, too.

If you're looking for high-quality diapers that prevent leaks and protect your baby's skin from irritation, then Coterie’s the one to go with.

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