Skin Care Regimens from Around the World

Skincare remains one of the country's most highly discussed topics in 2020.

Skincare remains one of the country's most highly discussed topics in 2020.

While the “perfect" skincare routine remains elusive thanks to the conflicting information of tabloids and the internet, proper skincare has never been more sought after. “In recent years, the concept of skin care—specifically, of skin care as a phenomenon that invites unlimited expenditures of money, strategy, and time—has exploded kaleidoscopically," wrote The New Yorker. While establishing a basic routine, especially for men, is relatively easy in 2020, there remain many unexplored beauty regimens from around the world. From snail serum to clay, here are just a handful of skin care regimens from around the world.

India – Turmeric Paste

While mostly used by Hindu women during her wedding ceremony, Indian women have developed radiant skin thanks to Turmeric paste. Global beauty guru Stephanie Flor adds that they also believe to be “attracting the planets' energy," which is always a bonus. Turmeric additionally helps with acne and contains plenty of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Mexico — Agave Plant

Cooked with oatmeal or rice and turned into a face scrub, Agave nectar is one of the most sought after skin care ingredients, but in Mexico it is plentiful and taken very seriously. It is believed to possess anti-aging properties and additionally can help with moisturizing your skin. Just use it sparingly, as it is a very scarce resource being abused regularly by skincare companies.

Australia – The Kakadu Plum

High in Vitamin C and rich with detoxifying properties for blemish prone skin, The Kakadu Plum is an imperative skincare property in Australia. It has also been credited with healing pimples over night. It restores collagen to the skin, making it brighter and less pale.

Zanzibar – Seaweed

Seaweed is already an iconic skincare treatment in spas, but in Zanzibar the algae is everything. In Zanzibar it is turned into soap and is used regularly by the locals. Seaweed is an unlikely skincare powerhouse, as it is jam packed with B12 vitamins, Vitamin A, iron, zinc, amino acids and anti inflammatory properties.

Japan – Matcha

While Matcha is one of the hottest trends in America right now, the Japanese have been using it as a skincare vitamin for generations. Mixed together with an egg and coconut oil, it is then rubbed into the scalp, where it supposedly aids in preventing hair loss and adds voluminous texture and shine. It's also jam packed with Vitamin B.

Morocco – Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoul Clay is an amazing ingredient for healthy skin. Packed with magnesium, silica, potassium, fatty omega acids, and calcium, Rhassoul Clay contains every ingredient needed to cleanse the skin and make it glow. In Morocco, it is combined with water and rubbed all over the face.


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