How Splendid Spoon Helps Me Stick With My Healthy Eating Habits

Over the last few years, my new year’s resolutions and I could never make it work. Sure, we start out the year together incredibly strong. But by the end of January, we completely fall off the rails. Initially, I was more active, but when work got busier, I dropped this. Secondly, I put my phone in another room before bed. But my Instagram addiction came between us.

This time around I was determined to keep up my healthy eating routine. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d last this long. However, it’s been a few months, and I’m happy to say that my dietary lifestyle changes are still going strong.

What’s my trick you ask? I have just two words for you, Splendid Spoon - a delivery service that delivers wholesome soups, smoothies, grain bowls, and noodles right to my door every 2 weeks. Each meal is vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free, and low in sugar.

I doubted that smoothies and grain bowls would keep me full, but I was pleasantly surprised by how satisfied and energized they make me. Everything is incredibly well proportioned so I no longer have to worry about having enough fruits at home and blending them all. Splendid Spoon’s smoothies arrive in ready-to-eat bottles that are perfect for on-the-go. Same with the soups and grain bowls, all they require is a few minutes in the microwave.

It seemed brilliant so I signed up for the Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + Reset plan, which means 5 smoothies, 5 bowls, 5 noodle bowls, and 1 full-day reset that cost only $8.00 per meal. I couldn’t believe it!

The box arrived at just the right time, right before an intense work week. Now, in my old life, I’d skip breakfast, but I drank a Raspberry Cacao Smoothie - the cacao improves blood flow to the brain. The raspberry contains essential vitamins and minerals. And coconut keeps your skin clear. It was super tasty. What a fantastic way to start off my day.

Then I tried the Brown Rice Taco Grain Bowl for lunch which has an amazing smoky Tex-Mex punch. The red peppers increase the absorption of iron, black beans steady sugar levels, and pepitas are packed with magnesium.

After a few hours, I figured that I’d be hungry and would need an afternoon snack. I was thrilled that I didn’t need one because I was fuller than usual. Plus, it’s sooo simple to heat a bowl instead of cooking something from scratch. For dinner, I enjoyed the Creamy Mushroom and Spinach Noodles - delicious!

This creamy dish was packed full of vitamin D, shiitake mushrooms which strengthen bones, peas to stabilize sugar, and coconut for shiny hair. After only one day, I was convinced that I'd saved a ton with Splendid Spoon. And Splendid Spoon offers 40 different global recipes which constantly keeps things interesting.

After only a couple of weeks, Splendid Spoon is the way to sustain my healthy lifestyle resolution. My skin is glowing, I feel more energized, and it’s easy on the wallet. And there’s so much to choose from: juice bundles, detox shots, desserts, and snacks which take me through my working day.

If all my resolutions were as easy to maintain as Splendid Spoon, I'd be a totally evolved human. With their flexible subscription, I can skip, pause or opt-out at any time.

Trust the trick of Splendid Spoon and improve your healthy lifestyle. Splendid Spoon is extending an exclusive offer to our readers! Follow this link and get 25% OFF!