Spot dessert bar: an East Village gem for inventive treats

Both delicious and surprisingly affordable

Like many New Yorkers, trying to survive in New York often requires a lot of discipline, especially when it comes to dining out. As tempting as that one extra designer cocktail or that choice cut of steak might be, sometimes you just have say no for the sake of making next month's rent. But since we're (assumedly) all humans, and naturally find ourselves with the urge to indulge in a quality dessert now and then it's important to find a place that'll fill your needs but won't compromise your ability to afford next week's groceries. That's why when I had friends come to town over this past holiday weekend, I made sure to bring them to the East Village to dive into a few of the deliciously decadent tapas plates at Spot Dessert Bar.

Founded by Pichet Ong (pictured above) With a menu created by Iron Chef Ian Kittichai, Spot specializes in inventive dessert treats that change on a seasonal basis, often including healthy dosage of visual flair. For example one of their signature dishes, The Harvest, is an Oreo crumb dusted cheesecake with berries served in, and made to look like, a flower pot. Since stumbling upon the restaurant as an NYU student, I've never gotten the exact same order twice, often working in new seasonal treats along with signature dishes like The Harvest or their Green Tea-rimissu. The order this past Monday once again included signature treats The Harvest and the Matcha Lava cake as well as two new dishes, Cookie Camp (a fresh marshmallow cookie covered in ice cream and pretzels) and the Milky Puff (puff pastry, with ice cream, white chocolate, and brûlée bananas).

Brought to our table one small plate at a time, the three of us dug into to each new treat , relishing each new texture and flavor combination. While not always confident about how the flavors will mesh, once you dive in you're likely to find yourself in some spoon-wrestling matches to try and secure as many bites of the petite treats as possible. More importantly, because of the small plate sharing style, the treats are surprisingly affordable with a 3 or 4 plate averaging a little under $9 a plate, a bargain for the caliber of treats you receive. Do try to get to the East Village location early because a line out of the door can sometimes emerge out of nowhere, however there are two other locations in Midtown and Flushing, Queens. No matter what's on the menu, Spot is a dream come true for anyone looking for a guilty-pleasure that's not quite so rough on your wallet.


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