Stay At Home With HelloFresh

Dinner just got a lot easier.

When the stay-at-home order began, and my kitchen turned into my office, it felt super surreal to me.

With such a sudden change to my routine, there was so much to think about, and "what to cook for dinner" became such a big stress to my day. There's only so many times you can make pasta for dinner in one week!

That's when a friend recommended I try HelloFresh, and I haven't looked back since.

Here are 5 reasons why HelloFresh saved my stay-at-home experience:

No More Trips To The Grocery Store

Getting HelloFresh delivered to my doorstep meant that I could drastically cut down my trips to the store, and I didn't have to handle produce other people had touched.

It's also worth noting that HelloFresh sources all their ingredients directly from farmers, so by cutting out the wholesalers and grocery stores, the food is fresher and comes in contact with a lot fewer people on its way to you, which made me feel safer. Plus, cutting out the middleman is more environmentally friendly.

Helped Me Focus On WFH

I don't know about you, but it took me a long time to settle into the work-from-home lifestyle. Especially if you have kids at home.

But having HelloFresh meant one less thing to worry about--I didn't have to wrack my brain for what to cook every night. Everything was pre-portioned and ready to cook in the evening when I finished up my workday. Their recipe cards make it super easy and quick too.

So Much Recipe Variety

You know what they say--variety is the spice of life! Thankfully, HelloFresh has a huge range of different cuisines, from American to Korean to Mexican to Italian to Moroccan, and many more. If I couldn't travel in real life, at least my tastebuds could.

Takes Less Time To Order Take Out

I know a lot of people started ordering more take out with the stay-at-home order. But HelloFreshis even more convenient because it's much faster. You could be waiting for up to an hour for your take out to arrive.

HelloFresh's meals all come pre-portioned with easy to follow recipe cards, and some of them only take 15-20 minutes to prepare! Plus, it's so much better value. With the service charges and tips, you're lucky to get a meal for $15 on any food delivery app. HelloFresh's meals are about half that per serving. Since we started using HelloFresh, we've noticed how much money we've been saving.

Having One Constant In A Time Of Uncertainty

When the stay at home order started, things changed so much from day to day, and it was hard to know what was going to happen next. In general, I was feeling really anxious, and the less I had to worry about, the better. Knowing we could rely on HelloFresh was a game-changer.

Only one of our HelloFresh deliveries over the past few months was slightly delayed, which was understandable, and they let us know in advance. HelloFresh's customer service team is friendly, super helpful, and transparent. I've had zero issues since.

Having my HelloFresh box delivered once a week helps me feel productive, healthier, more organized, and in control of something, even when everything else feels out of control. I'd recommend HelloFresh to anyone looking for a convenient, affordable, and safe way to approach dinner in the evenings.

Update: The folks at HelloFresh are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get $80 off, including free shipping on the first box!