Our Editors Are Low-Key Obsessed With These Perfect Light Drinks For Summer

This summer's all about doin' you, so if you want to bring scotch to the brunch picnic, go for it!

But for long days of swimming, laughing with friends, BBQing, and enjoying all that summer has to offer, sometimes a light beverage is what really does the trick. Or, maybe you want to bring some low-calorie or low-alcohol options to the table.

We looked into lighter beverages and found some incredibly cool, delicious options. For research, our one-stop-shop is Drizly. It's the alcohol delivery service that can bring your drink of choice to your door in 60 minutes or less. They partner with local shops, so you can browse for the best prices, and get everything you need without having to make any trips.

Here are 3 of our favorite lighter drinks to try this summer:

Light Beer

It's not regular beer with water! Sometimes it's just what you need. Here's what we learned from Drizly: "To create such a light flavor, brewers use large quantities of cereals like corn and rice. These light-bodied beers have a low malt aroma and low hop bitterness for a very delicate and refreshing flavor...these lagers are the drink you'd choose during a hot summer day when you're exceptionally thirsty but don't want to imbibe anything fancy."

Their website is full of fun alcohol facts as well as reviews, so you can see if something is actually good, or just advertised a whole bunch. We're fond of the light and citrusy Bud Light Lime, and the indie options, like the Instagram-friendly Sunday Beer from New York.

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Spiked Seltzer

One of our editors spent 20 minutes at a deli last weekend and noticed every single person who came in bought a White Claw. They're the household name of the bunch, but we're also fond of some flavors from other brands.

Seltzer-favorite Topo Chico does a variety pack with flavors like Strawberry Guava and Tangy Lemon Lime. BON V!V will have you feelin' fancy with unique blends like Pear Elderflower and Clementine Hibiscus. Another can't-miss bev is Night Shift's Hoot Hard Seltzer made with wine yeast for a softer, fruitier profile; pairs great with flavors like Blood Orange Mango and Raspberry Lime.

If you're loyal to White Claw, they also have 70 calorie options and we found on Drizly their coveted Hard Seltzer Iced Tea variety pack.

Spiked Kombucha

This one's catching on, for good reason. Kombucha as you know it has a slight alcohol content from the fermentation, along with plenty of vitamins and gut health proponents. Hard kombucha gives you the good stuff and more. Check out the classic JuneShine Honey Ginger Lemon Hard Kombucha or the 100% organic Strainge Beast Blueberry, Acai & Sweet Basil Hard Kombucha.

Bonus: if you're into cool labels, hard kombucha may even take the cake over IPAs.

With the heat, a lower alcohol content is always a great option. On Drizly, you can browse by ABV range, seasonal, brand ownership (i.e. women-owned, black-owned, asian-owned, lgbtq+-owned, etc.), country, state, star rating and so much more. Super picky? There's something for you. You can even get the whole party from Drizly, since they also deliver lemons, limes, ice, and the works.

Stay cool with a lighter bev this summer, and try out Drizly today!