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We Tried Super+ For Our Couples Holiday — Here’s What Happened

Editor's Note: In this review, I share my journey with and Super+, which promises substantial savings and exclusive travel benefits. Follow along as I detail my experiences and how Super+ completely changed the way my partner and I travel.

My Travel Experiences before

My partner and I are passionate about traveling the world before settling down. Although we love to explore, saving as much as possible is also a priority, so we've always hunted for the most affordable travel options.

Typically, our hotel bookings involved scouring various popular sites like Expedia and Kayak to snag the best deals. Sure, these sites offer plenty of options, but often at a steep price for less-than-stellar hotels. At one hotel, the most 'historic' feature turned out to be the plumbing. Every flush was like a roulette wheel!

Since then, even budget accommodation has felt overpriced. The whole booking process had become so tedious that we almost gave up on our travel plans entirely. That was until my sister introduced us to

My Travel Experiences with

I was extremely skeptical at first — saving up to 50% off seemed way too good to be true. But my sister’s enthusiasm about her amazing discounts persuaded me to take a closer look at their website. Turns out, with, you can get discounts on over 500,000 hotels worldwide.

The Super+ subscription caught my eye due to the rewards they offer — including cashback on hotel bookings.

Eventually, curiosity got the best of me. Since Super+ offers a 30-day free trial, I signed up to see if it was legit. The process was straightforward; I simply entered my phone number and card details and entered the code in the app to access exclusive deals.

That very evening, my partner and I were amazed by the accommodation offers available through Super+. Not only did we start seeing substantial discounts on hotels — often up to 50% off — but the 10% cash back on bookings as a Super+ member made the discounts even bigger.

The $135 per year with 30-day free trial window (25% off) paid for itself with just one booking. My partner and I were thrilled when we managed to book a weekend getaway to a sleek hotel in NYC for half the price we would normally expect to pay. This turned what was meant to be a simple trip into a luxurious stay without stretching our budget!

But what impressed me most was the variety of additional perks that came with the membership, including discounts on other travel-related expenses, and even non-travel items like tech gear and fashion.

Final Thoughts:

I can confidently say that is legitimate. The membership cost for Super+ is a small price to pay for the consistent savings and perks you get.

With the discounts and cashback we received, my partner and I could finally afford our dream trip to NYC. The savings on our accommodation allowed us to enjoy top-tier shows and fine dining on Broadway, without breaking our budget. We’re really living our best lives thanks to Super+.

I wholeheartedly recommend Super+ to anyone looking to save on travel. Whether you're a frequent traveler or someone looking to make the most of every travel opportunity, genuinely delivers on its promises.