Get Your Best Boy A Box From Super Chewer This Fall

Now that the dog days of summer are over, it's time for the dog days of fall; jumping in piles of leaves, going for long walks, and playing fetch 'til dark. It's a fleeting season, so better take advantage before the chill of winter hits.

As the leaves start to change, be sure your pup is fully prepared for Autumn with a brand-spankin' new box of Super Chewer toys. The genius pup-lovin' toy engineers behind BarkBox created a super duper durable version for the dogs who play ruff - It's perfect for a camping trip, a journey through the park, or as a present when you have to break it to sweet Fitzgerald that Back-To-School or the end of Summer Fridays means less time for play.

Let him know the fun never stops with the Super Chewer box of dreams; these toys are built to last longer than generic store-bought versions, and if your pup turns his wet nose up at one of the products, they'll swap it out for another toy.

Each month, the Super Chewer Box has a different, designed in-house theme. And for September, it's a classic - Fetch! A box of fresh throwable toys in bold colors stands up to the toughest chewers and gives you that extra bonding time with an experience your dog can only get from you.

When you sign up, the first box ships immediately, and then every month on the 15th, which is #BarkBoxDay! Social media explodes with cute pups chewing on their new doggie toys. For as little as $29 a month, you get 2 tough toys (always fluff-free), 2 full-sized bags of organic treats (always made in the U.S.A. or Canada), and 2 meaty chews (always all-natural). Every toy is durable, and every treat is designed to keep those puppy chompers healthy.

When the weather gets colder, meaning less time outside, satisfy that pent-up energy with a #SuperChewer box. When it's time to close up the pool, show Fitzy you care with a bountiful box of jolly, colorful toys and chews.

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