Surely, Fre Or Ariel? Which Is The Best?

We all love a glass of wine every now and then, especially with a delicious meal, but with wine can come drowsiness and health repercussions. Making a small switch, like drinking non-alcoholic wine instead, could help make a world of a difference.

You should still be able to celebrate and toast with your friends without any guilt or headaches the next morning. Our editors looked at the top three non-alcoholic wines to see if they were a worthy substitute; Surely Non-Alcoholic Wines, Fre, and Ariel.

Read our verdict below.

Key Similarities:

  • All contain less than 0.5% alcohol
  • All go through the same fermentation process of traditional wines.

Key Differences:

  • Surely Non-Alcoholic wines and Fre offer Red, White and Rosé whereas Ariel only offers Red and White.
  • Surely Non-Alcoholic wines has the least amount of calories per serving (30-40), compared to both Fre and Ariel
  • Both Surely Non-Alcoholic wine and Fre remove the alcohol in wines through a spinning cone technique (heat filtration) whereas Ariel uses a reverse osmosis technique(cold filtration).
  • Surely Non-Alcoholic wines add a few additional ingredients after the spinning cone technique, which separates the alcohol from the wine body to enhance flavor.
  • Both Surely Non-Alcoholic wines and Fre are Vegan and Gluten-Free whereas Ariel is not.

Surely Non-Alcoholic Wines

Surely is a non-alcoholic wine for any and all occasions. It’s made from high-quality ingredients (premium Californian grapes), and is an alternative option for those who are choosing not to drink, no matter the reason. Their wines cater to specialty diets as they are low-sugar, gluten-free, and vegan.

Surely Non-Alcoholic Wines use an innovative technology called Spinning Cone Column that removes the alcohol from each bottle without sacrificing the taste. This gentle process uses vacuum distillation to reach a precise temperature, so it retains its aroma and natural flavor to ensure it doesn’t taste like grape juice.

They have all the traditional wines on offer; Red Wines (new!), Rosé Wines, White Wines, and Wine Spritz. You can get them as bottles or cans that come with detailed tasting notes. Their Rosé is crisp with aromas of guava, strawberry, kiwi, and a hint of melon. Surely Non-Alcoholic Wines are always below 0.5% alcohol, the universally accepted amount for non-alcoholic beverages.

Each bottle (24oz) costs $24.99 and contains only 30-40 calories per serving.


Fre is alcohol-removed wine that comes in a range of different types; they have the traditional Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sparkling Rosé, and more which are made from California.

They use the traditional wine-making technique to reach a rich and full-bodied drink. But the alcohol is removed with the spinning cone technology and high heat.

Their wines are gluten-free and vegan. Although Fre offers a wide range of wines, there is still something lacking in the way their wines taste; it reminds us of sweeter, less-bodied wine. Ordering Fre wines online can be a bit difficult - you are redirected to a different site, or told to locate the wine at your local store.

Fre Bottles cost $7 and contain around 70 calories per serving.


Ariel’s dealcoholized wines are made from California grapes in a traditional wine-making process.

After the rich taste is achieved in small aged oak barrels, the wine goes through a gentle cold filtration process; this reverse osmosis allows 99.5% of the alcohol to be removed.

Ariel is not vegan, kosher, or halal. Their de-alcoholized wine tastes different from regular wine, and for some people, it might take a while to adjust. They have two options: a Chardonnay and a Cabernet Sauvignon.

Ariel bottles cost $9 and contain between 48-52 calories per serving.

Final Takeaway

Out of the three brands our editors tried, the favorite has to be Surely Non-Alcoholic wine. It’s made from high-quality grapes and their innovative practice makes for a delicious taste-- it’s the only one we tried that tasted like real wine.

Unlike the others, Surely Non-Alcoholic wines offer a full-bodied taste that is on par with traditional bottles of wine, ensuring you will never have to miss a toast again. Fre and Ariel might be a more affordable option, but the taste was really lacking, and we felt like we were drinking glorified grape juice.

With half the calories, all of the taste and no post-wine drowsiness, our editors are turning to Surely Non-Alcoholic wines for our midweek and weekend drinks.

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