Tennis Is this Spring's Athleisure Trend

Gear up for fall with the perfect versatile essentials from Athleta

Winter is not the best season for fashion. Bundled up in puffers and coats, most of us are more concerned with staying warm in near-freezing temperatures than what our outfits look like.

Good News, better days are on their way! The days are growing longer — and soon — they’ll get warmer too. While right now, we’re being hit with cold weather fronts, spring fashion trends are already emerging to get us excited.

Paris Couture Fashion Week — AKA Semaine des Créateurs de Mode, where designers show the most dazzling, strange, and intricate creations of the season — is in full swing, bringing with it a gamut of wild celebrity looks while promising an inspired spring and summer trendscape full of color and whimsy.

One trend that’s emerging — tennis. Tennis fashion is a persistent athleisure trend that’s a favorite amongst designers as a nostalgic nod to prep. This contempo fascination connotes a simpler life — hey, slow down, focus on your health, play tennis.

So, yuppie style is back in a big way. From 2000s era polo to vintage Ralph Lauren vibes and Grandpa style, Princess Di is the moodboard now more than ever. Now that sweatpants and leggings have become ubiquitous, the next trend on the athleisure horizon is the sport of kings . . . court tennis.

Do not worry! This is not the revival of last decade’s American Apparel skirts — although those will likely be back soon, and the Depop girls are already hiking up the prices … run! But rather, I’m talking actual tennis looks and vibes.

Don’t forget that tennis is a lifestyle. It carries the cache of leisure and luxury, not to mention the easygoing coolness of sportswear and athletic gear. Brands are blending the aesthetics of tennis with the effortlessness of streetwear as its own, niche trend.

From the tennis courts in Positano to the lives of Naomi Osaka, Serena Williams, and other tennis stars who epitomize cool, this aesthetic is also aspirational. Designer brands are releasing pleated skirts and racquet-inspired bags while niche streetwear brands feature tennis accessories and even custom tennis balls.

But that doesn't mean you have to break the bank to get the look.

Athleta is focused on empowering women’s athletic and wellness goals. Their clothes are well made, often engineered in sustainable and recyclable materials, and super comfy. Whether you're playing a sport or just rushing around the city adopting a casual look, Athleta is made to keep up with your lifestyle.

Their tennis line is made for both the sport and real life. With such a wide variety of clothes on offer, Athleta allows you to shop by sport. Simply click on tennis so you can catch the season's latest trend.

A Game Skort

When you think of tennis, you automatically think tennis skirt. A Game Skort blends a skirt with the comfort and security of shorts. The high-rise waistband creates a flattering fit, and extra comfort. It's also built for function with moisture-wicking material and quick-drying technology.

Match Point Dress

Take the confidence of a winner wherever you go with the Match Point Dress. The rise of the athleisure dress is more than a welcome one. Dresses are the ultimate go-to when you're too lazy to get dressed but still want to look fine. Combining lightweight material with supportive compression, this tennis dress is the ultimate in cool.

Brooklyn Bomber Jacket

You’ll need this jacket to carry you through spring! This Bomber Jacket is a lightweight, semi-fitted shape for a casual — but chic — vibe. Are you stepping off the court? Are you headed out for a night on the town? Both? No one will know, but they'll want to.

Ultimate Train Tank

Tennis wear doesn’t have to be boring. Traditionally, tennis is associated with pared-down white outfits. However, the hottest tennis stars are fashion icons for daring to wear bold prints and bright colors — think Serena or Naomi Osaka. The Ultimate Train Tank will accompany you on all of your Princess Diana-inspired errand runs. Moisture-wicking tech will keep you comfortable all day. And flattering silhouettes are suitable for any occasion, from heading to the gym or meeting up with friends.


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