The Best RV Road Trip Destinations

It's a hassle to spend the time and money finding and reserving hotels along your road trip. Instead of searching for the next best motel, you should consider taking an RV if you're planning a long trek across America. RVs are the best of both worlds—you can visit incredible places and always have a place to stay.

If you need a few travel ideas, these are the best RV road trip destinations.

Drive the Highways

The US boasts thousands of miles of beautiful highways. These long stretches pass through the most urban and rural places in the country. Driving the US's highways is an exhilarating and unique experience best accomplished in an RV. If you're looking for a planned but more relaxed RV destination, make the highway itself your plan. You can cover a lot of ground in one day and stop in cute towns and urban centers along the way. When you feel like you've covered enough ground, you can simply pull over to a campsite and park your RV for the night. Consider checking out Blue Ridge Parkway, Route 66, Lake Shore Drive, Route 12, 17-Mile Drive, or US 1.

Camp at National Parks

The National Park Service in the US manages the forested areas of the country and makes them a beautiful space for people to visit. An RV road trip is a perfect opportunity to visit these historic sites and breathtaking landscapes. While there are dozens of registered national parks, there are a few must-see destinations. The best parks to visit with your RV include Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, Redwood State Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Gateway Arch National Park, and Hot Springs National Park. Chart your own path through three or more of these gorgeous places and make it an annual trip for your family.

Pursue a Theme

Many RV travels revolve around a central theme that unites the whole trip. For example, maybe you want to visit all the places in the US associated with motorcycles. You can head to motorcycle racetracks, museums, events, manufacturer headquarters, and even the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum. Along the way, you can stop at famous motorcycle repair shops, tour parts manufacturers, or a few high-octane events. You can try out other RV road trip themes, too, such as the mountains of the country, coastal cruising, or odd roadside attractions.

Whether you're seeking laid-back exploration, exhaustively well-planned adventures, or thematic coherence, it's worth trying out a few of these RV road trip tactics to see which vacation style you enjoy most. All it takes is an RV, a few days to travel, and the wide-open road to make these vacation ideas a reality.


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