The Easiest Way to Reduce Back Pain: Better Posture With Lumo Lift

Face it: we all slouch, and we know it's bad for us. My mom has always picked on me for my poor posture, but I never really listened to her until I started experiencing bad back and neck pain. Since I commute an hour a day on the train to a 50-hour per week office job, my back bears the brunt of my bad habits. Pair that with chronic tech neck, and my pain interferes with my daily concentration. I've tried back braces, have visited the chiropractor multiple times, and even tried PT, but nothing helps. Looking for other options, I recently came across a blog post about a new wearable posture corrector called Lumo Lift, which makes it easier than ever to have great posture. I had to give it a try.

Lumo Lift is like a mini Mom on my shoulder yelling at me to sit up straight. But it's actually a lot more pleasant. It's a simple device that you magnetically clip on your shirt near your collarbone. All you have to do is set your target posture by sitting up straight and hitting the button, then Lumo Lift sends a gentle vibration every time you stray from that target posture. That means, even the slightest misalignment will alert you to straighten up. It's a constant monitor to make sure that you're sitting and standing properly, and no one even has to notice.

It wasn't until I tried Lumo Lift that I realized how much I slouch throughout the day. It would send a vibration and then I was good for about twenty minutes, until I started to get distracted by work and then slouched again. But better posture had an immediate effect on me. I found that sitting for long periods of time became a whole lot less painful. I couldn't lean against the back of the seat, but I found a comfortable position that was in proper alignment. At my desk, I felt even more productive and in a better mood all day because I was sitting up straight and completely attentive. When you slouch, it's a lot easier to get sleepy and lazy with your work. I often hunch over my desk to eat my lunch, but with Lumo Lift, I had to bring my food to me, which took some getting used to but looked and felt a lot better.

What I really like about Lumo Lift is how easy it was to fit into my lifestyle. It's not just the device, but the fact that it integrates with the Lumo Lift app to give me access to track my progress on my posture, and also gives me data on things like steps, distance covered, and calories burned. So essentially, it's a lot more than a posture corrector, but a way for me to be accountable for my activity throughout the day. And it makes me more competitive with myself.

Lumo Liftwas a really small way to change my life for the better. Who knew that having better posture could make you look and feel so much healthier? I have a lot more confidence now as I walk into meetings standing up straight. Even my mom noticed the last time we had dinner together, how I was sitting up so nicely at the table. I told her about Lumo Lift and got her one to try, too! The best part is I feel so much less pain in my neck and back. For $79.99, it was a small price to pay for a better mood and attitude.

Update: The awesome folks over at Lumo are offering a special deal for our readers.Follow this link to get free shipping with your purchase of Lumo Lift!

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