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The Ekster GRID™ Backpack Has Arrived!

My partner and I are heading to Paris for the first time and my ratty old backpack just will not cut it anymore. For years, I dragged it along everywhere – to college, my job, while camping, on weekend getaways. It’s like Linus’ security blanket – I’m quite attached. So attached, in fact, that it’s shapeless and stained and the main zippers are held together with safety pins.

As much as I adore it, I won’t be caught dead with it at the Louvre – definitely time for an upgrade. But when I went online I was bombarded with backpack after backpack way beyond my price range.

Then I remembered my awesome Parliament Wallet by Ekster. I’m still blown away by its practical tech features. And when I recently lost it on a boozy Uber ride, the Ekster Tracker Card literally saved my life.

I hopped on the Ekster site and discovered they just dropped their first backpack! Sure, I’m a huge fan of their smart wallets, but maybe Ekster’s latest venture won’t measure up to the expensive branded travel bags glutting the market for years.

Ekster adapted the brilliant design philosophy behind their revolutionary wallets and created The GRID™ Backpack– a bag that adapts to your specific needs. At a glance online, the bag seemed kinda small. I doubted it would be versatile enough to contain all the stuff I shove in it every day.

But I was wrong. It features a ton of pockets and compartments to keep me organized. The top-access, suspended & padded 16-inch laptop compartment seems like wizardry! It cleverly contains a quick-access, magnetic tech/glasses nook with a velvet interior to help prevent scratches to your tech.

I wasn’t sure if the GRID™ Backpack was the best option. But when I remembered Ekster offers a 12-month warranty on all products and are flexible with returns, I added the GRID™ to my cart so I could really put it to the test.

When my order arrived – on time, thank you, Ekster! – I was truly amazed by this stylish backpack. Its streamlined design is surprisingly lightweight and water-resistant. The innovative GRID™ is made with premium polyester, tarpaulin materials – and -with waterproof zips I never have to worry! Just carrying this around will level-up my look.

The Ekster GRID™ Backpack is sleek, yet carries SO much more in less space. Who knew I needed a semi-auto-lock zipper, an easy-access side pocket, and attachment straps for extra gear? There’s room for everything. And optimal protection for my laptop.

With my old backpack, I used to pack and repack, rearranging things for hours. I often had to leave necessities behind – not anymore. Plus, the GRID™ Backpack’s ergo-padded and airmesh-ventilated back panel ensures active cooling meets the highest ergonomic design standards no matter what conditions I’ll encounter.

For maximum security, the GRID™ includes RFID lining that protects my data. Just like my Parliment Wallet, I’m adding the Ekster Tracker Card so that it’s trackable worldwide and virtually unlosable; perfect peace of mind if I am ever forced to check it on a flight.

This is absolutely the best backpack for traveling because it hits all airline preferences. The Ekster GRID™ Backpack is TSA Approved and is an outstanding carry-on. It has a handy luggage pass-through strap and easily slips under an airplane seat or in an overhead bin. And the balancing grippy bottom keeps it steady when I set it down as I wait at the gate ready to board my plane to Paris.

I’m thoroughly impressed with the GRID™, it’s so durable it’ll last forever. And so adaptable, it's my everything-backpack – a travel backpack, waterproof backpack, outdoor backpack, laptop backpack, and camera backpack all-in-one!

Looking for a premium take-me-anywhere backpack to carry your essentials on your daily commute, your outdoor adventures, or while you’re traveling the world? The Ekster GRID™ Backpack will take you anywhere you want to go.

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