The Future Of Dentistry Looks Bright - Join Tend Today

There’s nothing better than telling someone where you work and watching their eyes light up. OMG, I love that place! It’s a feeling of pride, knowing that you work somewhere that people respect and love.

Well, maybe one thing better than taking pride in where you work is when your work takes pride in you. By investing in their dentists in unprecedented ways, Tend takes employee benefits to another level and lets dentists love their jobs more than ever.

Thanks to a supportive culture, constant development opportunities, the best technology, and first-rate compensation, Tend is leading the charge in modernizing the dental industry.

Work Benefits

Tend has a generous compensation and benefits package. They have 401(k) offerings and will match up to 4% of your contributions if you so choose. Their company-sponsored healthcare coverage not only covers vision and dental, but also covers medical. Tend provides their dentists with company-paid professional liability insurance- rare to find with private practices. Plus, Tend has a generous PTO plan that includes holidays, so that you can balance work and personal life.

Development and Support

Maybe the best perk yet, Tend knows learning is for life. Tend offers continuing education courses so you can sharpen your skills, further your learning, and become the best dentist possible.

Room to Grow

You’re already awesome, and Tend wants to make sure you have everything you need to continue getting better. Tend offers resources, support, and the opportunity to develop your clinical, chair-side, and leadership skills. Some include:

Mentorship. Get one-on-one clinical mentorship from Tend’s esteemed clinical leadership.

Continuing education. Further hone your skills with free access to Spear and TendU, Tend’s custom-built digital training platform.

Career Advancement. Tend builds career advancement into their model so you have the room and resources to grow. They offer four specialized positions for dentists, based on experience.

Innovative Culture

Tend is changing the dental industry from the inside out, starting with their commitment to their patients. Tend wants your patients to look forward to seeing you, and they've done this by infusing hospitality throughout the experience and creating award-winning spaces designed to soothe and delight patients.

Appointments come complete with Warby Parker glare-proof glasses, the ability to stream TV, and Beats headphones so both you and your patient can feel relaxed and comfortable - i.e., you won’t be dodging eye contact.

They have a Brushery where patients can brush their teeth and freshen up before their appointment, so you don’t have to deal with food-filled mouths that come in on lunch breaks. Tend also uses cutting edge technology to ensure members are on the right track to their perfect smile.

Their state-of-the-art technology leaves other dental offices in the dust. Tend has fully digital workflows which covers cutting-edge diagnosis, treatment planning, and execution. Their investments in tech streamlines their in-studio operations and reduces wait times, which leaves guests happier and more relaxed when they come in to see you. Tend is also the first to create an app that shows clients their dental needs and customize all future work specifically for each patient.

Tend has modernized the dental industry for patient and employee perks alike. Now, you can get back to the things that matter most.

Join the team at Tend and help build the future of dentistry!