The Lightweight, No-Nonsense Cat Litter for City Dwellers

I've had my cat, Charlie, for 3 years now, and I still can't get enough of him. I adore him, but being a cat mom is hard sometimes. He's been sick recently with a UTI and I was so worried about him - not to mention the vet bills weren't cheap.

Plus, I've always hated his litter. It's messy and smelly and I dreaded cleaning it. Not to mention it's a hassle to have to carry it all the way back from the store.

But it turns out there was a solution all along. I was complaining to my fellow cat-owner friend Amy about my issues with Charlie's litter, when she told me about PrettyLitter – cat litter she gets delivered to her house every month. She said it's a life-saver.

She said that one bag actually lasts a whole month and it's only $22 – much better value than the litter I was getting. She mentioned PrettyLitter has this cool feature where the litter changes color to indicate health issues. Deep green-blue litter can signify a potential urinary tract infection. Orange may indicate kidney tubular acidosis. And red indicates blood in the urine - a possible bladder inflammation, or bladder stones.

When Charlie had the UTI, the vet said that he had been sick for a while without me realizing. I felt terrible knowing he had been suffering without me knowing, but this feature would mean I could catch any future illnesses or infections early, which really peaked my interest.

I went on the PrettyLitter website to check it out and read that the formula of high absorbent crystals soak in moisture and trap all odor - I was skeptical of this part, knowing how smelly Charlie's litter tray can get, but based on the price and convenience I decided I'd try it and ordered some of their litter. They have a 30-day money back guarantee if I wasn't satisfied, so it was worth a try.

The first delivery arrived a few days later right to my doorstep. I don't think I've ever been so excited to put cat litter to the test. And I have to admit, the odor definitely wasn't as bad as the previous litter I used, and it was much easier to clean out and less messy.

Throughout the first month, I noticed I didn't have to change Charlie's litter as much as I normally would due to their highly absorbent formula - the one bag really does last the entire month! Plus, it was definitely less dusty and made very little mess.

I've been subscribed for a few months now, and the best thing about PrettyLitter is the convenience of it. Having to make a trip to get cat litter used to be my pet peeve (excuse the pun). I can't tell you the number of times I've run out of litter and had to go out specifically to get it. With PrettyLitter, I don't even have to think about buying it.

I'd recommend PrettyLitter to anyone who hates having to go to the store for cat litter, or anyone who always forgets to buy it - like I did.

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