Read This Before Trying The Pod Pro By Eight Sleep

Editor's Note: I've been struggling to get a good night's sleep for years and it has negatively affected my day-to-day life. So I decided to invest in the Pod Pro by Eight Sleep.

Here's What My Days And Nights Looked Like Pre-Eight Sleep:

Before purchasing the Pod Pro by Eight Sleep, my partner and I slept on an old creaky spring mattress for years. We both struggled with our sleep and could never understand why.

During the summer months, we'd fight over the AC. I'd switch it on, only for my partner to switch it off once I finally fell asleep. Then I'd toss and turn, keeping us both awake, making bedtime a nightmare.

I tried downloading one of those apps that tracks your sleep, only to discover I was sleeping 5 hours of sleep max a night! I needed about 10 loud alarms on my phone so I could get out of bed in the morning.

I couldn't focus on work and often fought off the urge to sleep on the subway - no matter how much coffee I drank! I never had the energy to do much after dinner either. My household chores had to wait till the weekends.

When I read up on the Pod Pro by Eight Sleep, I thought it sounded great. I was intrigued that it has Dual-Zone temperature control, meaning my partner and I can control the temperature (anywhere between 55°-110°F) on each side of the mattress.

The more I read, the more impressed I was, so we decided to bite the bullet and invest in the Pod Pro by Eight Sleep.

Eight Sleep
Dual-Zone Temperature Control
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Here's What My Days And Nights Look Like With Eight Sleep:

The first time I lay down on the Pod Pro, I was struck by how much more comfortable it is than our creaky old mattress.

Its 12" premium foam mattress has 5 layers that help support spinal alignment and relieve pressure points. The 2" Airflow Top Layer is soft and provides airflow, elasticity, and instantaneous response to body impressions. I've had a lot less back aches thanks to the Pod Pro. Plus, it doesn't creak every time I move in the middle of the night - waking me up.

The Pod Pro by Eight Sleep has an Intelligent SmartTemp™ AI that automatically adjusts temperatures to the most comfortable level for your body on each side. My partner and I don't fight over the AC anymore!

I was sure that the Pod Pro by Eight Sleep would run up our bills, but it actually works out cheaper than running the A/C or Heater all night. Plus, it's as quiet as a computer fan! The Pod Pro is super easy to use. I simply control the settings with my Eight Sleep app.

The Eight Sleep app also provides health reports, REM, respiration, heart rate data which seriously helps us understand our sleep patterns. Now that I'm sleeping at my perfect temperature, I fall asleep much faster and get at least 7 hours every night! My partner is too.

And I wake up much easier thanks to Eight Sleep GentleRise™ technology which naturally wakes your body up by gradually cooling down the mattress with gentle vibrations at the chest level. No more setting 10 alarms on my phone or drinking 3 shots of espresso.

I must say that being well rested has such a positive impact on my day-to-day life. I'm more productive at work and I even get some chores done on the weeknights!

The Takeaway:

The Pod Pro by Eight Sleep has been a life changing investment for both myself and my partner. We sleep better and we have more energy throughout the day. Plus, we can wear our favorite pajamas to bed no matter what time of year it is!

But don't just take my word for it. A recent study of customer sleep data from Eight Sleep revealed that after 2 months of sleeping on the Pod Pro people toss and turn 25% less. And after just 1 month they see a 17% increase in periods of deep sleep.

If you're looking for a better sleep, you need to try the Pod Pro by Eight Sleep.

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