The Pros And Cons Of Ekster’s Most Popular Wallets

Since the introduction of RFID credit cards and the ‘tap to pay’ feature, people are hooked on this minimal-contact payment method. Whether you're buying a cup of coffee, a new pair of boots, or dinner with friends, it’s all tap and hardly any cash.

The way we use money is becoming more streamlined, so the way we carry it should evolve, too.

Smart wallets are built with technology designed to protect your identity and data. However, with all the smart wallet options out there our editors narrowed it down to the best: Ekster— a wallet that keeps tech, style, and functionality in mind.

Ekster wallets have a Tracker Card add-on; no more lost wallet freakouts and stress. It’s low maintenance and one solar charge lasts 2 whole months so you can easily keep track of your wallet and phone. If you lose one, simply use the other to find it!

Their tracker card app gives you access to a Worldwide Lost & Found Network. So even if you’re out of the 200 ft. range, other Ekster cardholders find it and their app will send you an anonymous update with the location — it’s truly unlosable.

Ekster wallets also contain RFID blocking technology to help protect your data. The wallets are built with aluminum and carbon fiber to prevent unwanted NFC or RFID communication and identity theft.

Our editors are breaking down Ekster’s most popular wallets. Here’s everything you need to know about your next Ekster essential:

Parliament Wallet

The Parliament Wallet is made from environmentally-certified premium leather. It has a quick access feature where the cards pop up at the click of a button. It's incredibly sleek and won't bulge in your pocket. Currently, it holds up to 12 cards, but 9 is the recommended amount.

The Perfect Fit: The tech-rookie.

Senate Cardholder

The Senate Cardholder contains features similar to the Parliament Wallet. It includes an elastic backstrap that offers extra room for embossed cards and is the streamlined wallet we were looking for. Note: It holds 6 non-embossed cards or 4 - 5 embossed and non-embossed cards.

The Perfect Fit: The super-organized.

Aluminum Cardholder

Our editors love the Aluminum Cardholder, which fans out your cards like a switchblade. It’s made with space-grade 6061-T6 aluminum and is built to last. There’s an expandable backplate with a strap for additional cards and emergency cash. Available in classic colors and a few creative designs, it’s the wallet made to impress.

The Perfect Fit: The stylish guy.

Modular Bifold

This is the classic foldable wallet but with a modern twist. The Modular Bifold wallet is packed with Ekster’s game-changing tech and a removable magnetic card holder. It’s made with a two-tone finish that softens over time, limiting the amount of wear and tear. It also limits bulk and can fit up to 12 cards, bills, and coins.

The Perfect Fit: The classic guy.

Wallet for AirTag

Ekster’s new wallet for AirTag contains a pocket to hold your AirTag tracker so you can find your wallet anytime with Apple’s FindMy App. It also contains an extendable strap for cash storage while the cards quickly fan out at the click of a button. Plus, it’s much skinnier than expected and protects against theft. What else would you want from a smart wallet?

The Perfect Fit: The tech junkie.

Ekster’s products are designed to keep you looking stylish while protecting your data. Incredibly thin and created with high-quality materials that are meant to last. Now that we are going cashless, it’s time to pick up an Ekster wallet — it’s the last wallet you’ll ever buy!

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