Warning Signs of a Bad Driver

The call of the open road has never been more tempting for adventurers, who are facing travel restrictions indefinitely. But sharing the highways is not just annoying—it can be deadly when you do not know who is behind the wheel and heading toward you. Watch out for these signs of a bad driver. Quiz yourself to learn if you are one, too.


Everyone knows that it is not worth the consequences to hold a phone while driving. But not everyone has put that free hand back on the steering wheel. They may be gesturing to acquaintances who cannot see them, or turning around to interrupt passengers in the backseat. They might be lip-syncing to the Backstreet Boys or even attempting some car choreography. Closing your mouth can make the world a safer place.


Some travelers never seem to see the signs that say SPEED LIMIT 65. It is especially egregious when you consider that today's signs feature technology that makes them too bright to ignore. While it may be fine to push the limits a bit, it is easy for drivers on open straightaways to forget how fast they are going until it is too late to slow down safely.

bad driver


You probably will not have to worry about illegal street racing, unless you are visiting certain parts of Virginia. But there are a lot of people on the road in a real hurry to beat you. If you notice drivers impatiently passing cars only to wind up waiting at the same light, give them a wide berth.


Are they trying to read the dealer's phone number from your license plate holder? Run you off the road? Are they angry, or just lonely? Daring you to rear-end them? Do not even pause to wonder. Switch lanes to get out of their way as soon as you can and let them latch onto the next car.

It can be hard to detect distracted drivers until it is too late. But you can look for the signs of a bad driver and avoid speeders and reckless drivers, each responsible for about a third of fatal car accidents. And if a car is swerving, you should assume there is alcohol involved. Just give yourself plenty of space to protect yourself on road trips, and the journey might be better than your destination.


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