The World's Most Amazing Trees

From 5,000-year-old bristlecone pines to organisms that bleed scarlet resin when cut, each of these trees is a marvel in its own way.

Every tree is a miracle.

From their expansive networks of roots to their vibrant displays of leaves, flowers, and pinecones, trees are some of nature's most extraordinary organisms. As humans, our existence depends on their ability to recycle carbon dioxide, move water, and release oxygen, and their fallen leaves and decayed roots are vital to the health of the soil. In short, we couldn't exist without them.

Even though every tree is special, some are admittedly more awe-inspiring than others. Here are some of the world's most extraordinary trees (but remember that each tree outside your window is just as worthy of your appreciation).

3. Wisteria, Japan

At 144 years old, this sprawling wisteria is the oldest tree of its kind in Japan. Located in Ashikaga Flower Park, the tree is an ethereal paradise of pinks and purples that stretches across a total of 1,999 square meters. While there are magnificent wisteria all across Japan, this one takes the cake for the most breathtaking.


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