Why The Toniebox Is Hugely Beneficial To Your Child’s Development

Parenting is a constant balancing act. We want our kids to enjoy their early years, while priming them to have the best opportunities in the future. Our editors know that this fine balance can be a challenge for most parents. So keep reading to find out how the Toniebox — a magical, musical story box — can help children enjoy learning.

In your first decade of life, your brain is wired to learn, so it’s important for kids to develop language and speech during this window. Kids can often be reluctant to learn in a traditional way, but listening to audiobooks can vastly enhance a child’s development.

This year, the team at Toniebox partnered with Good Play Guide to do a 4 month scientific study about speech & learning, and the results were astonishing. When children listened to the Toniebox for 12+ weeks, they improved on every competency measure – Comprehension, Language & Speech (i.e Verbal fluency & Vocabulary) and Attention skills.*

Overall, the children’s Verbal fluency increased by over 10%, and their Vocabulary scores and Reading Comprehension went up by 13%* – all while playing with their Toniebox!

The Toniebox is an indestructible, musical story box that children engage with 148 times more than other toys. The box comes with Tonies — hand-painted collectibles of your favourite characters — that are simply bursting with charming tales.

Once you pop a Tonie atop the box, your little one can listen to songs or stories which brings each character to life. Designed for children up to 8 years of age, it actually grows up along with your children. For older kids, the Nat Geo collection is speech-based, factual and focuses on animals and nature.

Kids simply pop, tap, tilt, and squeeze the ears on the Toniebox to navigate through their preferred stories and songs. For fresh, more advanced stories, simply change the Tonies — which you can purchase individually. Popular Tonies at the minute include: Paddington Bear, Frozen, Peppa Pig, Gruffalo, Paw Patrol, and more! The Toniebox even comes with a headphone jack, so as parents we don’t have to hear the same story endlessly on repeat.

The best part? It reduces the dreaded screentime and improves their vocabulary and literacy skills — which is key during those early years. There are even wind-down stories and white noise which is ideal for bedtime routines.

The Toniebox itself is about £79.95, and £14.99 for an individual Tonie. Or you can save up to £30 with their bundles!

Besides watching their toddlers first trek across the room, there’s nothing more exhilarating for a parent than to hear them articulating their thoughts and feelings by talking.

Your little ones’ faces will come alive with stories and songs they’ll never tire of. For years of joy and fun learning, get them the gift that keeps on giving — the Toniebox!

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*Learning Benefits Impact Measurement Report – Tonies & Good Play Guide (July 2023)