6 Instagram accounts to fuel your wanderlust

These accounts make it easy to know before you go.

When I was younger, my parents would purchase maps, globes, and children books about world travel. One of my favorite book series my Granny ordered would use Disney characters to teach world culture and language. Between those books, my favorite fancy cream and gold globe my dad bought me, and my grandparents telling me of their parents growing up in beautiful countries I had yet to visit, I developed a love of exploration. As I began to grow older, I became even more fixated with creating new experiences around the world. From learning as much as I could from friends who grew up in other countries on far away continents, to spending summers with new friends who only came to America those three months out of the year there was no language, food, or custom that I didn't participate. My friends used to joke about how I was a better [insert ethnicity] daughter than they were. I couldn't help it, I was enamored with the stories from their families and my love of storytelling pushed me to tell those stories in my own way.

Now, I have access to even more stories and journeys. The beauty of living in this century is that the answer to almost every question is underneath the pad of our fingers. From search engines, to streaming services, to social networks the access to information is consistent and convenient. With access comes saturation that can sometimes be hard to filter and navigate. This is especially true when the travel bug hits. Just try a hashtag search of #travel or #travelblogger on Instagram or twitter, and a never ending surge of posts appears. While there is no shortage of travel based Instagram accounts, the six below are some of my favorites for originality and the creative ways they weave the tapestry of their everyday world into the universe.

2.Bright Bazaar

Will Taylor is an interior decorator and lover of travel. When he takes pictures, his respect for shapes, appreciation for color palettes and eye for solid architecture shines through. Structures from the cities he travels and the use of the natural landscape of these cities as backgrounds versus focal points is what makes this account stand out from the others. I'm not sure whether to redecorate my house or plan my next trip.

3.Simply Cyn

Pops of color. Cyn takes her personal style and makes it a part of her world travels. Fashion, food and fun reign supreme on her account.

5.Traveling With Us

Traveling the world with people I love is a goal, so how could I not fall be completely enamored with this account. Adventure and history are the themes of this page. Each post has a story and a significance to the couple. I'm a visual planner of my future, and this account is almost an exact replica of what traveling with the love of my life looks like.

6.Louisa Ziegler

Amsterdam Vibez #wanderlust#travelblogger

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Louisa's account is all about the views. Expansive scenes from cliffs, ancient ruins, and mountaintops are the norm on this page, as well as guest appearances by some of natures most friendly animals.

And although this is not an Instagram account, I thought that this YouTube channel would also be a great bonus!

Let's plan our travel bucket list together on Instagram and twitter!


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