5 Reasons To Treat Your Hair To K18 This Fall

If you're anything like us, then your haircare routine also went out the window this summer. After all the over-styling, over-heating, and chlorine, our hair could use some serious TLC to look its best all autumn long.

We knew there had to be something out there to revive our hair and yours, so we tasked our editors with finding an amazing hair treatment that worked for all our hair types.

It seemed like we tested a hundred different masks, leave-in conditioners, and no-heat treatments before our editors came across K18 - a professional haircare brand using biotechnology to revitalize damaged hair.

After one use of K18's Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask our editors saw immediate results.

Here are 5 reasons they've named K18 a fall must-have:

Great for post-summer damage

It's time to say bye-bye summer damage and hello to flawless fall hair. No matter what you've done to your hair this summer, K18 can help you restore the strength, softness, smoothness, and bounce to your locks. This single product makes hair repair a reality for everyone— and it takes less than five minutes to work.

Customers rave over this mask because it repairs all hair types no matter the condition. Bleached, colored, chemically processed, or heat-damaged hair can be renewed with K18.

Only 4 mins

Vacations and summer Fridays are behind us now, and we have busier schedules to adhere to, which means less time for haircare. Thankfully, K18's peptide-powered hair mask only takes 4 minutes.

Just add 1-2 pumps of product to washed, towel-dried hair, wait for 4 minutes, then style as needed. No need to jump back in the shower and rinse it out like other masks, this leave-in is effortless.

K18 Hair Mask
Backed by science
Loved by stylists

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After spending a decade in a biosciences lab scanning and testing all amino acid sequences across the entire keratin genome (this is what makes up human hair), K18 finally discovered one unique sequence that brings damaged strands back to their original, youthful state.

K18 products contain this patented sequence, the K18Peptide™, which travels deep into hair's core structure to reconnect broken keratin chains responsible for hair strength and elasticity.

Unlike other haircare formulas that can only heal the outer part of your hair, K18 travels into the innermost layers, relying on unique biomimetic technology. Backed by years of research K18 delivers dramatic results.

Reduces use of multiple products

K18's cruelty-free, vegan, and color-safe product eliminates the need for an extravagant haircare routine. You can ditch those extra masks, mouses, and sprays post-shower. All you need is your favorite shampoo and K18.

With their super-concentrated formula, a little goes a long way in restoring your hair's health, and strength.

Maintains your "Back to School" haircut

Everyone loves a fall refresh, including your hair. K18 is the best way to maintain your hair through that new cut and color. Its easy-to-use, science-backed formula restores all hair, no matter the texture or length, to its original elasticity and strength.

Embrace the freedom K18 gives you to be adventurous with your hair and rest assured that it will stay soft, bouncy, and healthy through it all.

If you want to repair your damaged hair, cut down on products, and stick to your busy fall schedule, it's time to switch to the K18 Leave-in Molecular Repair Hair Mask. Get soft, smooth hair all season long no matter how you cut, color, or style.

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