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And how stress and age can affect them.

What do we associate with health and prevention? We think vaccines, vitamin C, hydration, and whole foods. Our perceptions of health may only scratch the surface. While we go through the motions, defending our health the way we've been taught, our cellular health may go unsupported. Preclinical research suggests our cells may have a major role to play in our innate immune response.

The discovery of Niagen® (nicotinamide riboside) as a vitamin B3 by Dr. Charles Brenner was a breakthrough in understanding how to support our cellular health. Whether it be metabolic stress or other physiologic stresses, such as immune stress, we need our bodies functioning at their best capacity to maintain our overall health. Numerous human clinical trials have been published about the cellular health benefits of Niagen® - the only NAD+ booster that is patented and safety reviewed by regulatory bodies around the world, including the United States.

Niagen® is available to health-minded individuals as Tru Niagen®, a daily supplement to support your cellular repair and cellular defense.

Here are the facts about Tru Niagen® and how it's helping people stay healthy in their daily lives and helping their cells stay resilient.

What is in Tru Niagen®?

Tru Niagen® contains 300mg of Niagen®, in a vegetarian capsule. One capsule a day is recommended.

Niagen® (nicotinamide riboside) Supports Cellular Health And Cellular Defense

Discovered as a form of vitamin B3 in 2004, Niagen® can be used to produce higher levels of a coenzyme that's critical to the healthy function and repair of our cells throughout our lives. That coenzyme is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), an important coenzyme that supports cellular repair and resilience.

NAD+ is the Central Regulator of Cellular Metabolism

Cellular energy is needed to carry out every process in our bodies - from breathing to moving, even for the beating of our hearts. It is also needed for support against oxidative stress, repairing DNA damage, and to create the building blocks for DNA and RNA. It is also crucial to support our cellular health in the face of stress - whether it be metabolic, physiologic, or immune. Our bodies need NAD+ for so many processes to keep us healthy and functioning.

Tru Niagen®
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Viruses Deplete our NAD+ levels

Newly published preclinical research from Dr. Charles Brenner and his fellow investigators has shown that viruses infiltrate cells as host viral cells in mice, hijacking their cellular machinery to make millions of copies of itself. In response, the cells increase the activity of NAD+-dependent enzymes but the virus retaliates with its own enzymes to counteract this immune response.

This all leads to cells being drained of NAD+, in some cases a three-fold decrease. This lowered level of NAD+ may weaken cells' resilience and response to stress on the immune system.

NAD+ is essential for cellular repair, the less we have of it, the harder it is for our cells to produce the energy they need to function at their best. Multiple human clinical trials show Niagen®, the patented form of nicotinamide riboside, boosts NAD+ levels, helping to support the health of cells.

The Impact of Tru Niagen®

Tru Niagen® has gained a lot of popularity, with one customer commenting "To me, this is not just a supplement, but a life-changer." As with any supplement or new health routine, your experience will vary depending on your age, diet, exercise, and sleep habits.

Tru Niagen® will start increasing NAD+ levels shortly after you take it and will continue to maintain those elevated NAD+ levels with regular supplementation.

To support your body's cells against the unknown, Tru Niagen can help increase production of NAD+ and support your cellular defense. Want to learn more about Tru Niagen and cellular defense? Visit www.truniagen.com to learn more.

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