There are a billion different flavors of wine, and about as many opportunities to go wine tasting. But wine tasting can get old fast, and we don't blame you if you'd rather subscribe to a delicious and easy wine club like Winc and get custom wines delivered to your house every month. (Winc uses data from real customers to figure out what they want and then crafts their own handmade wines, which they then ship directly to you — from delicious, refreshing zinfandels to rich, spicy reds and summery and sweet rosés, their concoctions are hard to resist).

Still, not every wine tour has to be a replica of the same old cliched journey through a nice house in a vineyard. If you do feel like going out into the great unknown in pursuit of the most epic wine tasting experience of all time, here are some of the most unique and unusual wine tours around the world.

1. Sterling Vineyards, Napa Valley

\u200bSterling Vineyards, Napa Valley

Sterling Vineyards, Napa Valley

Napa Valley's Sterling Vineyards give you the opportunity to try some of California's most iconic wines, from way up in the air. A trip to the Sterling Vineyards gives you the opportunity to ride an aerial tram over the expansive countryside, so you can sip your sparkling rose while taking in a true bird's eye view.

2. Sottomarino Winery, San Francisco, CA

Sottomarino Winery\u200b

Sottomarino Winery

Treasure Island used to be a U.S. Naval base, but now it offers some lighter entertainment. You'll find plenty of opportunities to play bocce ball and to drink wine to your heart's content here, and you'll also find some very strange places to do the latter in. For example, you might visit Sottomarino, located in nothing less than an old submarine training room. Military history plus wine? The vibes must be impeccable.

3. Ice House Winery, Niagara, Canada

Ice House Winery\u200b

Ice House Winery

Where other than Canada would you find a winery that literally serves icy wine? That's exactly what you'll get at Ice House Winery, which sells a liquid treat called ice wine made of grapes frozen while still hanging from the vine. You can also try their wine slushies, made from a combination of wine and ice. Bring your parka and get ready for some chilled sweetness.

4. Edivo Winery, Croatia

\u200bEdivo Winery, Croatia

Edivo Winery, Croatia

Ever wanted to go scuba diving while on a wine tour? Croatia's Edivo Winery offers you the opportunity to do just that. While the actual wine tasting takes place above sea level, you can indeed book a scuba diving tour and see where the winery stores their wares under the waves.

5. El Grifo, Canary Islands, Spain

El Grifo

El Grifo

Getty Images

From destruction comes creation, and nowhere will you see a clearer example of that than on the Canary Islands, particularly if you happen to stumble on El Grifo, a winery literally growing out of volcanic ash. Located on the island of Lanzarote in Spain, this winery produces its wares straight from the remnants of an old volcanic explosion.

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