Unwinding on the beaches of Mykonos

A laid back Cycladic haven

Santorini may be the most popular of the Cycladic Islands, but there's something to be said about the treasure that is Mykonos. The island has become increasingly associated with St. Tropez-level glamour, an interesting shift that occurred in the 60s and 70s due to a large influx of celebrities and an association with Greek gay nightlife. It's also become a hot-spot for A-listers.

What nobody talks about, lost amid the glittering coastlines and the classic, bright-white Cycladic labyrinth pathway near Mykonos' famous windmills, is how soothing the island itself is, despite vibrating with such star power. Before it became a go-to getaway for the glitterati, it was a quiet fishing village.

Within the labyrinth itself, you can get lost for hours just wandering from shop-to-shop, enjoying the local vibe, the modernity that's taken root so close to the ancient. Of course, the little beaches and natural enclaves that border the island create secluded, infinitely calming spaces. Even in an island as alive and glittering as Mykonos, the natural parts of the island if you really look provide enough space for extremely calm moments. The best part is that since most tourists flock to the resorts on Paradise Beach or Chora (in Mykonos town), so these areas are, for most of the year, left relatively untouched.

Super Paradise Beach near the far-edge of the island away from the town, has several residences on its hillside, accessible only if you have a car, a horse, or a tenacious bout of athleticism; this is a climbing paradise. Where the resorts in Super Paradise are world-renown and draw big crowds that throw bigger parties, the mountains serve as a respite from the noise. There are few things more beautiful than watching a sunset over Super Paradise Beach from the mountains, and then enjoying the ensuing night-sky, untouched by light pollution. Let the good weather, starry sky,and moonlit ocean below take away all your worries, and know the party scene is nearby if and when you want to revel in it.

For more information on visiting Mykonos, visit the island's official website.


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