7 Warnings About Traveling in Upstate N.Y.

Pack a lot of Claritin.

As a native of western N.Y. - that's west of Buffalo, a.k.a the 10th "worst place to live in New York State" - I recognize both its majestic beauty and the dark evil lurking underneath. For all of its wondrous nature, lively ecosystems, and fresh air, it's a minefield of allergens, driving there is dangerous, and a lot of it is haunted (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, mind you).

But as popular a destination as upstate is for weary city-dwellers and New England travelers, preparing for the downsides can greatly enhance your trip. Read on, and the next time you venture to upstate N.Y. be sure to pack plenty of Claritin, drive carefully, and beware of vandals.


If you're a fan of the paranormal, this is mostly a perk. The rural towns, deserted roads, old campsites, abandoned farms, and centuries old hotels are fun destinations to find spooky thrills. But for those moments when you're tired and just want to drive to the nearest hotel, it can be deeply unsettling to drive down a road that seems straight out of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, especially if you're alone.


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