​U.S. Virgin Islands will give you $300 to visit

In celebration of a centennial, U.S. Virgin Islands will give travelers $300 worth of spending credits.

Are you wishing for a beach bumming vacation? The U.S. Virgin Islands will give you $300 in spending credits to vacation there this year. Crystal blue water, old world charm, tropical weather and an additional chunk of cash to travel? Talk about an ideal summer vacation.

In celebration of Denmark selling the U.S the Virgin Islands on March 31, 1917— for a whopping $25 million in gold, travelers are rewarded for spending three consecutive nights on St. Thomas, St. John and or St. Croix. The centennial promotion applies to any trip booked between October 26, 2016 through October 1, 2017. The trip can occur anytime during the 2017 calendar year.

To take advantage of the spending credits, which can be used on tours and activities, you need to stay in one of the 34 hotels participating in the promotional package. The credits can be used on anything from kayaking, safari trips, museums, diving excursions to renting a car.

The white sand beaches are the obvious attraction to the Caribbean islands. Surrounded by coral reefs and created by dormant volcanoes, the small territory holds a lot of history. The U.S. bought the islands in 1917 because of a fear German army overtaking the islands via submarines. The Dutch were worried about the same problem, so they sold the islands. Colonization and the slave trade made the islands strategic ports. Notorious pirate Blackbeard thought so to. If you want to trace his steps, the 99 steps of Amalie lead to Blackbeard's Castle. Built in 1679, the castle was used as a base for the pirate. Fun fact, there are actually 103 steps leading to the National Historic Landmark.

Close by, Bluebeard's Castle is a Danish Fortress named after a possibly fictional pirate. The remains of a sugar plantation, several museums and national libraries make for educational tours. St. Thomas is also home to the second-oldest synagogue on this side of the world and the home of French Impressionist Camille Pissarro. Or you can always visit the rum distilleries. Drake's Seat provides some of the best views of Magens Bay, the U.S. and British Islands.

You might have missed the opportunity for a commemorative souvenir for those traveling in March, but the flights and rates decrease after March since it's the high season in the Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands tend offer promotional packages through out the year with spending credits for dining, activities, touring and even shopping.


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