There's More To Niagara Falls Than Meets the Eye

Go Beyond the Falls and Explore Everything Niagara Has To Offer

There is so much more to Niagara than meets the eye. This international tourist attraction has booming every since the 1825 opening of the Erie Canal, and it shows no sign of slowing down now. Niagara has always been a world renowned icon representing the majesty of America's beautiful landscape, but people don't know that there's actually so much to do. With plenty of activities everyone can enjoy and the opportunity to see this stunning feat of nature; Niagara is definitely worth the trip.

It's no joke why this is considered one of the top natural wonders of North America, and was the honeymoon capital of the world for hundreds of years. The scale of the waterfall is breathtaking and pictures hardly do it justice. The roar of the water crashing and the strength of the current adds an extra element that can only be experienced in person. Not only that, but there's actually so much more to do than simply look at the falls from a distance.

The Maid of the Mist's has been running since May 27th 1846!Getty Images

Niagara park was our country's first state park and it is truly interactive. The tourist site has been perfected to give you the most in depth experience possible, short of going over Niagara in a barrel. You can experience it from every angle, and two different countries! The large paths lead you through the park straight to the upper fall's edge, the sky high observation deck lets you see Niagara perfectly from above, and the lower shore offers up close inspection.

The Observation Deck features stunning birds eye views of the falls. Getty Images

Take a ride on the famous Maid of the Mist to get the most memorable, and soaking wet, Niagara falls experience. Along the shoreline, keep your waterproof gear on and explore the Cave of Winds. The path takes you down to the base of the falls where you can stand underneath the tumbling water.

When you book your Maid of the Mist ticket they provide a poncho!Getty Images

You might say that Niagara falls isn't enough of a reason to go and visit. What will you do once you're done seeing the waterfall anyways? Well, there's no end to the activities you can explore in the town of Niagara and the surrounding areas.

Hiking is a big hit for those visiting nature lovers With many state parks and hiking trails in the surrounding areas you can see the stunning beauty of upstate New York's landscape. If you go up in the fall you'll be treated to the changing of the leaves, making for an autumnal treat.

Ice Wine has grapes harvested in the winter season.Getty Images

Wineries dot the countryside and you can explore them along the wine trail, complete with some tastings. Upstate New York and the Niagara region feature award winning white wines, including the special Ice Wine with grapes harvested in the winter at peak sugar capacity. You can sample them all against the beautiful vineyard background. If wine isn't your thing there are also great local breweries that feature tours.

If you aren't into the countryside there are outlet malls perfect for shopping your favorite brands. Museums offer opportunities to indulge in both art or history during your stay. Historic forts sit on both the American and Canadian sides if you want to steep in the history of this landmark town. Top it all of by exploring the amazing restaurants, including the revolving restaurant high atop the Skylon tour which offer stunning views and delicious meals.

Bring your passport to see both the American and Canadian side.Getty Images

Niagara has so much to offer, whether its for a short visit or an extended vacation. You can experience one of the most stunning natural wonders of the world, and after that you can enjoy the beautiful, friendly, and fun area that the falls calls home.


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