How Vuori Gives Me So Much More Than Activewear

I'm into staying active - not competing in Iron Man competitions, but I like the occasional hike that's more than just a steep walk. Getting into fitness has been a steady process and exploring workouts hasn't been the easiest.

Since I'm not hitting the gym daily, I've had the freedom to steadily build my activewear collection, taking the time to find the right fit.

It's been challenging to find workout clothes that hit everything on my wish list: high-quality, comfortable, functional across all my activities (lounging included!), and, of course, stylish.

However, when I found Vuori, I hit the jackpot. Their fashion-forward designs caught my eye, but their dedication to sustainability using premium recycled materials totally sold me. I got an outfit and gave it a shot.

Right off the bat, the material is crazy soft! I love the Energy Top and Daily Legging; both are simple but cute. So, I can move seamlessly from day-to-day errands to a workout without changing.

The Daily Legging has a drawstring tie, which I thought was strange at first, but now I can't imagine leggings without them. The fit is secure in the back (no gapping), they stay up, and they provide great see-through protection - a huge win!

It's also fantastic that Vuori's apparel is not only well-made. They pack tons of tech in their wide range of styles like UPF protection, moisture-wicking, anti-odor, and a true gem: zip pockets - much harder to find than you think.

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While I'm obsessed with their apparel, my favorite part is their ACTV Club. I was scrolling through their feed one day, scoping out my next fit, when I noticed they have workouts!

Every morning, Monday - Friday Vuori's ACTV Club offers free live workouts on their Instagram, @vuoriclothing. I'd never been a fan of online classes, constantly overwhelmed by choice, and falling behind due to the annoying pop up ads interrupting my flow.

Thankfully, they post the videos after the live sessions, so I checked out a few and was intrigued. Their trainers are particularly clear at giving directions, personable and fun. I decided to try a HIIT class one morning, and not only did it get my heart pumping, but I remembered what it was like to enjoy working out.

Vuori really is so much more than performance apparel. I put their clothes to the test daily in a range of activities, including ab workouts, Vinyasa yoga, HIIT, and Barre Sculpt classes. I never thought I'd get to try these exercises outside of a gym or boutique studio, but Vuori brought them right to my home for free.

When I tune in live, it's more than a good sweat session. There's a sense of community I haven't felt in a long time. Plus, I don't need a gym set-up to participate - add some dumbbells or not, these workouts still hit.

From its clothes to the community to providing an all-around fitness experience, Vuori is a fantastic brand. Come for the activewear, stay for the ACTV Club - trust me, and give it a chance.

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